All Natural Nut Butters – Peanut Better

Being American, it’s a given that peanut butter is going to be a necessity in my cupboard, no matter where I live in the world. In Amman, most every supermarket carries peanut butter, but the downside is, the ones I’ve found on the shelves are all full of additives like unhealthy hydrogenated oils. Even Skippy “Natural” has sugar, … More All Natural Nut Butters – Peanut Better

Vegetarian & Vegan-friendly restaurants in Amman

A question I always get is “how are you finding it to be vegan in Jordan?” My answer is always this: “Easy! There’s no problem at all!” It’s true, Middle Eastern cuisine does include a lot of meat dishes, but from what I’ve seen, the menu at any restaurant always has a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. … More Vegetarian & Vegan-friendly restaurants in Amman

Vegan-friendly menu options in Jordan

Though Jordanians love their lahmeh (meat), it is not hard to be a vegan in this country. Middle Eastern cuisine is full of options for both vegans and vegetarians alike. Though falafel, hummus and pita bread are delicious, there are plenty of other ways to keep your stomach full and happy without straying from vegetarianism or veganism. Below are some of … More Vegan-friendly menu options in Jordan