Where to Stay at the Dead Sea with Kids

This past summer we decided to have an extended stay at the Dead Sea with our 2-year-old because we thought he would have more activities than staying at a hotel in Amman. We were right… the second we got to Amman, all our son wanted to do was watch TV! At the Dead Sea, despite having a TV hanging on the wall in the room, he didn’t ask to watch it once.

We first decided to book the Hilton after a family member said they’d stayed there a few years back when it was new. We arrived tired in the middle of the night and were given our room which stunk of smoke despite claiming to be smoke-free. We switched to a new room and realized all the rooms had been completely destroyed due to the hotel hosting guests for their 2 week mandatory institutional COVID quarantine. We tried out a couple more rooms and finally agreed to stay only 1 night since it was 3 am and we just wanted to sleep. The next morning we woke up and sat at the outdoor breakfast area where loud construction noises and dust caused us to check out immediately.

Our next stop was the Movenpick Dead Sea where they assured us they didn’t host anyone for quarantine and it was apparent. The room was clean and the property spotless. The below is my review of the Movenpick after staying there for 2 weeks. I should note, I was not paid to write this review.

image source: movenpick.com


The ground floor was the best option for extra playing space

We opted for a King Size, ground-floor bedroom next to the duck pond. My son enjoyed going outside every morning to see the ducks. I highly recommend getting a ground-floor room if you have a kid because it allows for more space than just being in your room with a balcony or terrace. I would not recommend staying next to the duck pond as it’s where they do the nightly music show until 11pm so it is very noisy at night. However, if you don’t mind the noise, it’s a close walk to the pool and kid’s play area. Our room was comfortable and stocked always with complimentary water bottles and sodas. The housekeepers were a bit aggressive with asking us for tips or doing things to get tips. One day they made a display on the bed with flowers and towels shaped like animals. When I was removing the towels I realized they used our dirty towels to make the display, so I wasn’t impressed about that… However, overall, the rooms were comfortable, but they need to improve their cots for babies/toddlers as the one we got was missing a leg and lopsided.


Image source: tripadvisor.com

There are a few pools on the property, but the main one we used was the sandy one. It was perfect for my son to play in the sand and also be only waist-deep in the water. My one complaint about the sand was that we kept finding garbage in it. One of our family members ended up getting cut from stepping on a soda can lid that was thrown into the water. Though the sand was interesting for kids, it doesn’t seem to be the cleanest option.

Dead Sea Access

The “beach” area for the Dead Sea was just some rocks and a bench or two with a shower. The Dead Sea beach isn’t really a place to spend time as there’s no shade and you would just take a quick dip. It’s also quite the trek to get down there, but they do offer some golf carts if you don’t feel like walking the 10-15 minutes to get there from the main hotel area.


Every morning at the pool we saw the entertainment crew hired by Movenpick doing some games, stretches, volleyball, etc. for everyone to join in. We didn’t take part in any activities so I can’t comment too much on them. They did play music at the pool as well which was nice, except some playlists were full of swear words and not appropriate.

Kids’ Indoor Playroom

One of the biggest hits for my son was the indoor kids’ playground. It’s attached to a small shaded wading pool for kids (we didn’t use it though). The indoor playground was the perfect escape when it got too hot outside. It had slides, blocks, a ball pit, and ride-on cars. I believe they do activities there as well, but we didn’t try any of them out.

In-Room Dining

Due to nap schedules, we did a few meals with the in-room dining service. It arrived quickly and was tasty and moderately priced. I wish they would’ve had a few more options that were kid-size-friendly. There was a “Kid’s Menu” but it only consisted of burgers, nuggets, and fries. There was no way to get a kid-size portion of rice, for example. Also, the policy of no outside food inhibits you greatly to what they have at their restaurants which doesn’t work for a toddler who needs a snack throughout the day. If they don’t want outside food they should open a minimart to buy snacks, fruit, and the such.

Buffet Breakfast

The concept of “buffet” has completely changed due to COVID. You can’t actually pick your own food, but a staff member serves it to you from stations. I guess it’s more “hygienic”, but definitely causes some waiting times to get your food. Breakfast was good, but after 2 weeks of buffets every morning, you stop appreciating it like the first few days.

Buffet Lunch/Dinner

We only did 1 buffet lunch and 1 buffet dinner. I wasn’t impressed with the options and I would stick to their other restaurants for food.


We tried the Italian restaurant and a Grill restaurant. The Italian restaurant is good, but of course, pricey. The Grill restaurant service was painstakingly slow and as a vegetarian, I probably can’t comment too much on their menu as I just got a simple salad.

Entertainment/Live Music

This can definitely be improved! The same guy came on every single night for 2 weeks and he doesn’t have the greatest voice. Switching up the live music would’ve been appreciated!


The staff was cordial and nice. No complaints there. As stated above, sometimes they went a bit too overboard in the search of tips.

All in all, we had a nice stay at the Movenpick. There are always some spaces they could improve, especially for families with kids, but I’ll give them a 4/5 stars for our 2-week stay and we would recommend to others to stay here as well!

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