Smoke-Free Establishments in Amman

List updated: November 2021

I am not one to complain, but if there is something that does bother me about Amman, or Jordan in general, it’s that wherever you go you end up inhaling second-hand smoke (not to mention smelling like an ashtray). Though the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) is trying to promote the smoke-free movement with their “Smoke-Free Zone Certificate” program which they launched in 2014, as a way to “encourage companies, institutions, and restaurants to provide a healthy and smoke-free environment for their employees and customers and is a practice of communal commitment”, it’s still hard to find a place in Jordan to have a drink or bite to eat without a smoker in sight.

no smoking wild jordan amman
Sign at Wild Jordan

There are many reasons why I don’t smoke, but a main factor is of course to avoid the life-threatening effects, but the problem is that just being surrounded by smokers is harmful to the health… Did you know second-hand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals and hundreds are toxic and about 70 can cause cancer? Source: Center for Disease Control

Because of this, and the fact that the most recent edition of KHCF of Smoke-Free Zone Certificate recipients didn’t include many restaurants, I decided to investigate places in Amman that I can go without having to worry about smoke.

Below you will find a list which I will continue to update as I find more of tobacco-free spots across the city (I really hope this list gets longer quickly!) And don’t worry, I’ve made sure my list doesn’t include the places with these so-called “non-smoking sections” which are always conveniently one table away from the smoking section.

smoke free amman
My lungs thank you…

Smoke-free Restaurants

in Jabal Amman

in Abdoun

in Weibdeh

in Shmeisani

in Abdali

in Um Uthaina

in Khalda

in Swefieh

in Wadi Saqra

Smoke-free Dessert Shoppes

Smoke-free Coffee & Tea Shoppes

smoke free cafe kaffeine amman
Kaffeine coffee shop in downtown Amman

Other Smoke-free Establishments

Smoke-free Beauty Salons

Do you know of other smoke-free locations in Amman? Comment below!

37 thoughts on “Smoke-Free Establishments in Amman

  1. Hello Chelsea, Landmark Amman Hotel’s main restaurant “Colours” is a smoke-free restaurant 🙂 also the Mint Lobby Lounge is a smoke-free place as well


  2. Thank you so much for this list!!!
    So helpful, keep up the good work and hopefully we’ll get more & more places to be added to the list 🙂


    1. Every time that I’ve been there’s one big room and they split it smoking & non-smoking. Next time you go can you ask if it’s now all non-smoking? That’d be great if it is!!


  3. Thank you Chelsea! This was really helpful. The smoking issue in Jordan is really irritating, and unfortunately the country seems to be not so very helpful with preventing smoking indoors. I struggle to find non-smoking restaurants, especially when my baby is joining. I’ve been deceived many times after making phone calls with restaurants who would claim they had non-smoking sections and were are completely separated. Eventually they are all open spaces where smoker would be a wall or a few seats away.


    1. Hi Rand. Thanks for the comment! I definitely agree Jordan needs to get up to speed with not allowing smoking indoors! It cracks me up that they have smoking and “non-smoking” sections under one roof. As if smoke is a solid that won’t spread to the other section… I really hope I can add more places to the list ASAP!


  4. Hi Chelsea!

    Great list! Could we please add Sushi Den , Wadi Sqra Street, Trattoria Italian at the Qasr Hotel and La Terrazzo, Italian at the Marriott Hotel!
    There is also Strada Cafe at the first circle and I heard the Wayne coffee after being smoke infested has become smoke free. Magnolia cafe is also a smoke free bakery.

    It is great that the choices are increasing, yet there isn’t a single Arabic food restaurant that isn’t smoke infested, sad reality

    I believe non smokers, even smokers with children should exert more pressure on the restaurants to implement the smoke free law! Why is it the trend that if 10 people go out, one of them being a smoker, in general, the needs of the smoker are catered for while putting everyone s health at risk!

    Keep the list growing!


  5. Thanks for the comment and the new places to add! This is great news to see the list grow (even if slowly). I hope we get some Levantine restaurants that are smoke-free soon. I always write them to put pressure on them and I hope more people do too! 🙂


      1. Please add Raqmu coffee shop as nonsmoking downstairs . It s near 7th circle and Al Hussein Society next to Circassian Women s Association. Thx for the list.


      2. Hi there Kathy. I am a bit wary to add anything that isn’t 100% smoke-free because it seems places all smell like smoke even if one floor isn’t. In your experience, is it actually smoke-free…no smell downstairs?


  6. this is an amazing hidden gem. so glad I found this. It’s insane how everybody smokes here, I imagine doctors are smoking one while delivery babies, who come out smoking as well


  7. Hello .. thank you for this effort! This is my problem in Jordan that I look for smoking free places ..
    You can add the spot hair salon and Guinot spa and salon

    Almanara in alwaibdeh
    Unfortunately crumbz is not smoking free any more


    1. Hey! Thanks for reading 🙂 If you find more places, let me know. Crumz definitely isn’t on the list (they still do that stupid concept of 1 table smoking, 1 non-smoking UNDER THE SAME ROOF!) and Almanara was already there. I’ll add Guinot Spa & Salon 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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