100% Vegan Restaurant in Amman – Bayt Sara

If you vegan, chances are you’ve heard of Bayt Sara restaurant, because it’s the only restaurant in Jordan registered with the BeVeg Vegan certification.

Bayt Sara, located in Jabal Amman, was started by, as the name suggests, Sara! She is a half-Jordan, half-Romanian chef.

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Born in Romania, Chef Sara grew up in Italy and moved to Jordan a few years back with her family. When she first founded Bayt Sara, it was just an empty garage and she completely renovated it on her own. Even the decorations are completely handmade. Before opening, she was a bit nervous that the concept wouldn’t be popular in Amman because veganism was not a popular dietary choice at the time. Fast forward to today and you’ll find a big community of plant-based eaters in Amman. They even have their own Facebook group: Vegans of Amman.

The cuisine served at Bayt Sara is a mix of Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, and Jordanian dishes. And 80% of the ingredients are handmade. You can find vegan shawarma, Zinger sandwiches, Goulash soup, Lasagna, mock-meatballs in red sauce, etc.

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It’s a very pocket-friendly place as nothing on the menu costs more than 6 JD and portions don’t disappoint.

For the sweet tooth in all of us, they also do a variety of homemade vegan sweets and milkshakes without added sugar.

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Know of other vegan friendly restaurants and businesses in Amman? Send an email to chelsea@myammanlife.com to include them in MyAmmanLife

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