Healthy Food Delivered to Your Doorstep – Noor Healthy App

As we become more conscious about the food we are eating, healthy ingredients are what we want. Lucky for you, there’s a new app on the scene in Amman that allows you to order healthy food and organic groceries directly to your doorstep – introducing Noor Healthy app.

noor healthy app amman 1

To put it simply, Noor is an app that gathers Amman’s healthiest food options under one platform. Through the app you can easily access their menus and get their products delivered to your doorstep. Some items are even cheaper than if you go to the store yourself!

You can also filter through the options according to your dietary needs, whether you are vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, paleo, etc.

noor healthy app amman

You will also find the nutritional value including macronutrients breakdown of most of the items on the app.

noor healthy app amman 3


The name comes from the Arabic word Noor which means Light, as they believe that the best food is sourced naturally from the sun. The aim is to deliver all natural, unprocessed food.

Another part of their mission is to create a community around health and nutrition through their platform, that not only has a positive impact in Jordan but throughout the Middle East. By sharing nutritional knowledge and making healthy food easily accessible and enjoyable, they hope to make a positive impact on our Jordanian society.

Download Noor Healthy App

iOS or Android


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