How to Make a Birth Certificate in Amman

If you are living in Jordan and planning on giving birth there, then you may be wondering how to acquire a birth certificate for your newborn (especially if you are not Jordanian). Here’s how to do it and what you will need.

Required Documents

  • Medical certificate from the birth hospital
  • Copy of your marriage certificate translated to Arabic (100% compulsory, they will not give birth certificates without this)
  • Passport copies of both parents translated to Arabic


1) Take the medical certificate from the hospital where the delivery took place and go with it and a translated copy of your marriage certificate to one of Amman’s Department of Civil Status and Passport (map).

jordan department of civil status and passports

2. At the Department of Civil Status, they will provide you with the birth certificate in Arabic (they do not provide copies in English). The birth certificate can be provided the same day.

3. You then need to have it stamped at one of the Offices of the Ministry or Foreign Affairs in order for it to be valid outside the country (if you need to request registration in your own country).


1 JD

The above information has been compiled from the experience of expats who gave birth in Jordan, not by a lawyer or government official.

5 thoughts on “How to Make a Birth Certificate in Amman

  1. You also should have copies of passports both dad and mom translated into English or proofs of name changes if that is the case. The cost for the certificate is 1 JD.


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