Volunteer to support refugees in Amman with Collateral Repair Project

Would you consider rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to Antigua, braving storms, sea-sickness, and sleep deprivation, to support a cause? That’s what Robert Hamilton will be doing in 2020, to raise money for Collateral Repair Project.

What makes CRP worth it?

CRP is a grassroots organization that supports urban refugees in Amman. CRP tries to meet the immediate needs of its beneficiaries by distributing food vouchers and providing medical support. We give out warm clothes and heaters in the winter, and back-to-school supplies in September. At our community center in Hashemi Shamali we offer classes and activities focusing on education and trauma relief. There are sports trips, art and calligraphy classes, and Arabic literacy classes for kids. Our trauma-sensitive yoga sessions are very popular, as are the barbershop and beauty school livelihood programs. We help our beneficiaries recover from the past, and equip them for the future. Our community center is a safe, nonsectarian space, where we welcome people of all different religions and nationalities, and promote social cohesion.

collateral repair project amman 3

We’ve recently opened a new center in downtown Amman, where we welcome Yemeni, Sudanese and Somali refugees. These are some of the most underserved communities in Amman.

When most people think about the refugee crisis, they think of boats making dangerous journeys across the Mediterranean, and families crowded into tents in European camps. But the reality is that the vast majority of displaced people never reach Europe. Jordan hosts the second largest number of refugees relative to its population of any country, and most of these people live not in camps but in urban areas. Here in Amman, refugees face so many challenges. Most do not have the right to work, and so have no legal means to earn money. Children who have missed more than 3 years of schooling, as many refugees have, are not allowed to enroll in formal Jordanian schools. It’s very hard for these people to escape stress and inactivity.

collateral repair project amman

‘We are 11 people in my family, and my husband is sick. Nobody works. We don’t have anything to eat at home and struggle to pay rent.” says Manal, who fled Iraq with her family due to sectarian violence.

CRP helps and empowers people like Manal. But we rely on the help of dedicated interns and volunteers, and the generosity of our donors.

What can you do to help?

If you’re inspired to jump in a taxi to Hashemi Shamali, or even a plane to Amman, and commit a few months to volunteering or interning with us, please do! Volunteers help to run our community center programs, such as the After School Club and English Lessons. Interns help with the back-office stuff – grant applications, donor relations, communications and marketing and so on.

But there’s an even easier way to get involved. Fundraise for us! It doesn’t have to be a superhuman feat like rowing across the Atlantic. Simply organizing a fundraiser in your school, university, or workplace can make a huge difference. School groups have had great success with raising money through a reading pledge; kids get sponsored to read one or two books a month, and the money raised goes directly to funding our education programs. Or why not hold an event? This could be a quiz, a raffle, a karaoke night, a book sale, a bake sale… the options are endless.

collateral repair project amman 2

The cocktail night fundraisers organized by Christopher Krambias in Melbourne last year were a huge success. CRP is so grateful for the money raised.

If you’d like to fundraise for CRP, or get involved in any way, please get in touch:

website icon collateralrepairproject.org

facebook button CRProject

instagram button crp_amman

For other volunteering opportunities in Amman, check out: http://bit.ly/volunteer-in-amman

*The above article was submitted by Katharine Morris, PR & Marketing for CRP

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