Amman’s Coffee Lovers Need to Check Out Bunni Coffee Roasters

Bunni Coffee Roasters recently opened in Jabal Al-Weibdeh and is a British-Jordanian specialty coffee venture.

bunni coffee amman.JPG

The business seeks to supply coffee shops and restaurants with the services and products needed to serve quality coffee. Don’t worry though if you’re not a business, you can still go to have a cuppa as there is a small cafe area as part of the showroom to introduce customers to their specialty coffee.

bunni coffee amman 2

From within the roastery, customers can also see the green bean storage room, roasting area and cupping where quality control regularly takes place.

green beans roasting room amman

The concept seems akin to the idea of being able to see the kitchen in restaurants: showing customers in a transparent manner the clean and regulated work behind the scenes.

Another perk? The roastery is 100% smoke-free. (Check out the full list of smoke-free cafes in Amman here.)

The owners, James and Shireen, have spent years sampling many different standards of coffee around Europe and the Middle East and are excited to bring the best of the best to Amman!

james shireen bunni coffee amman
James & Shireen with their daughter Sarah

What’s in a name

The name Bunni itself is a pun on the Arabic “coffee-colored brown” and “my bean”. Unlike nearly all the other coffee establishments in the region who identify themselves as foreign with English names, they wanted to give their identity a more localized touch. Being half-Jordanian, half-British, the identity tries to merge the two together: the old and the new, the local and the foreign etc. This is why, for example, they chose an old house in Weibdeh, yet the decor inside is foreign and modern.

Connect with Bunni

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