Coworking in Amman – Deewan Workspace

I’ve written about Deewan Institute before because it is where I attended classes to learn Arabic when I was living in Amman. Deewan still offers language classes (Fusha, Ammiyeh 1-1, 2-1, group courses; English Group Courses: Business English, Conversation, TOEFL, IELETS prep), but they recently opened up the Deewan Workspace.


The Deewan Workspace is a smoke-free workspace for coworking, remote workers or freelancers. Every month they also organize different events like cooking classes, calligraphy courses, language exchange nights, etc. Check out their brochure for more details.


Besides the above, the workspace can also be rented for large meetings (think of businesses, NGOs or start-ups).

Workspace Hours


  • 9am – 9pm : Sunday-Thursday
  • 9am – 4pm : Saturday


Al-Baouneyah St. 44, Weibdeh, Amman


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