Tasty Thai Food in Amman

I can’t say I’ve personally tried a lot of Thai dishes, but I am a HUGE fan of Red and Green Thai Curries because of the coconut milk base. If you’re looking for Thai food in Amman here are some restaurants to check out that offer Thai options on their menu:

Thai Room

thai room amman

Location: Omar bin Ikreham Street, Abdoun

Price: $$$

facebook button Thai-Room-1475846359310266

Enso – W Hotel

enso w amman

Location: W Hotel, Rafiq Hariri Street 13, Abdali

Price: $$$$

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

facebook button wammanhotel

TomYum Restaurant

tomyum restaurant amman

Location: Princess Tharwat Al.Hasan (Behind Zain), 8th Circle

Price: $$

Cuisine: Asian Fusion – Thai options: Green Curry, TomYum Soup, Pomelo Salad

facebook button TomYumasiansushi

2 thoughts on “Tasty Thai Food in Amman

  1. TomYum sucks. It’s wannabe Asian food with all of the flavours/veggies just thrown in, clearly not made by anyone who actually eats Asian cusine. I’m excited to try Thai Room though, looks interesting.


    1. Sounds yuck! I understand it’s not easy to find the “real” thing outside of Thailand, but hopefully Thai Room will be better!


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