The Best & Most Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Service in Amman – WashyWash

I am one of those people that will never buy something with a tag that reads “DRY CLEAN ONLY” and if I can stay away from clothes that require ironing, I’ll do that too. However, when I moved to Jordan, I found that dry cleaning was a lot more affordable than in other countries I’d lived, so I started a once a month trip to the local dry cleaner to drop my items off. However, most of the time my clothes would stay there for about a month because it seemed I kept telling myself I would “pick them up tomorrow”.

Recently I came across the WashyWash app which basically left me with no excuse to not have perfectly laundered and ironed clothes that didn’t sit in the shop for weeks.

Here are the reasons why once you try WashyWash you’ll never look at dry cleaning the same way again:

Easy pick-up and delivery via App

Set your location, set your time and WashyWash will come to you.

washywash jordan dry clean delivery pickup

They even bring their own bag so you really don’t have to prepare anything but a pile of dirty laundry.

washwash laundry pickup jordan

Also, if your order is above 10 JD, pick-up and delivery is free.

free pick up delivery washywash jordan

Open 7 Days a Week

WashyWash pick-up and deliveries operate 7 days a week from 7 am to 11 pm.

washywash app jordan time

Easy Payments

You can pay via the app with Mastercard or Visa or choose the Cash on delivery option.

washywash app jordan payment

Fair Pricing

A shirt cleaned, ironed and hung for 1.5 JD, a suit for 5.50 JD… Need I explain further?

washywash pricing jordan

They also offer wash & fold service priced by the kilo.


This is probably one of my favorite parts of WashyWash, the fact that their mission is based on being eco-friendly. Their “EcoCleaning” service uses toxin-free, biodegradable detergents, and conserves both water and energy.

washywash jordan ecoclean

Even the bags they use are biodegradable and they have a hanger recycling program.

washywash biodegradable bags

And, a chunk of their net profits goes to launching other eco-friendly initiatives.

Safe for Everyone

The products WashyWash uses are safe for everyone, from infants to adults to people with skin allergies.

washywash toxin free jordan

Corporate Laundry Service

WashyWash isn’t just for personal use, as they also offer laundry service for businesses.

washywash corporate

First Time User Discount

Give WashyWash and you will get 5 JD off any 10 JD or above order.

A Local Jordanian Initiative

And another great reason to use WashyWash is that it is a grassroots initiative that started in Amman by a group of individuals with diversified backgrounds who got together for one purpose – to change the laundry and dry clean industry in Jordan.

washywash jordan team

Download the WashyWash app

iOS & Android


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More about WashyWash

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