How to Get Discounts & Save on Everything You Love to Do in Amman – Valubil

I’ve been scoping out apps that make life easier in Jordan and that’s how I came across Valubil (currently they’re just a website, but soon they’ll have an app too). I was interested to see that there’s a company in Amman that makes life not only easier but focuses on making it more affordable.

Because we all know that things can get expensive quickly in Jordan, I thought I’d share a bit of a hack to lessening the blow to your wallet everytime you would want to do basically anything in the Hashemite Kingdom.

Valubil helps you find interesting things to do in Amman, places to go, fun experiences and discounts. They have exclusive offers on restaurants, hotels, beauty centers, spas, fitness centers, entertainment, activities, online courses, tours, and products. You can also get free vouchers codes which you can show directly at the shop, restaurant, etc. to pay the special offer price directly there.

valubil jordan discounts

How Valubil Works in 4 Steps

For Deals

1 Sign-up on

2 Search and choose a deal

3 Buy a deal (pay online or cash on delivery)

4 Redeem Voucher

For Voucher Codes

1 Sign-up on

2 Search and choose a deal

3 Get a code for free

4 Pay at the shop

How it works valubil

Connect with Valubil

facebook button Valubil

instagram button valubil

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