Book an Authentic Bedouin Hospitality Experience in Wadi Rum

Bedouins are a roaming tribe known for their deep connection to the desert and traditional way of life. Found in the Wadi Rum desert, the Bedouins have a long history of nomadic living which has been passed down from past generations since before Jordan even existed.

bedouins wadi rum jordan

In the southern Jordan region, many of the Bedouins consider themselves semi-nomadic
meaning they are settled for part of the year while more modern Bedouins live a settled life amid the arid desert lands.

The origin of the Bedouin name in Arabic translates to desert dwellers which accurately
describes their lifestyle which is simplistic and has a strong dependence on the natural
surroundings in the desert. Despite their somewhat isolated existence in the harsh desert
conditions, the Bedouins are known for their warmth and hospitality, and hosting visitors is highly regarded not only as an honor but also as a sacred duty.

If you’re looking for an interesting and inspiring weekend experience, why not travel to the Wadi Rum desert and learn more about the Bedouin lifestyle while sipping tea and spiced coffee among the local Bedouins. Learn about their unique way of life first-hand, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty found in the desert. Immersing yourself directly into this special way of a life the perfect way to gain insight and a deeper understanding of the Bedouin community and culture.

Wadi Rum Desert also called the Valley of the Moon is a breathtaking landscape, known for the sandstone cliffs and vast beauty and the home to many Bedouins. Joining a Wadi Rum tour grants an exclusive experience to sleep under the starry night sky and integrate yourself among the Bedouin people to learn about their rich history and the ways in which they have had to adapt to modern living in the desert.

You can eat the traditional Bedouin food which usually includes bread, rice, dates, meat, and yogurt. Meals are often prepared on an open fire and in a communal setting, eating and entertaining is a special group experience. You can sleep in traditional tents which feels a bit like glamping, or spend a night in a “bubble tent” which is open to the stars above. There is also plenty of time to explore the natural surroundings of the Wadi Rum desert which can be experienced in a Jeep adventure or a peaceful hike through the nature reserve. Whether you are looking for calmness or a thrill, you can find both in the desert.

bedouin camp tent food jordan

It is easy to travel directly from Amman to Wadi Rum and joining an organized tour means all your transportation will be included to travel directly from Amman to the desert getaway.

>>Check out Tourist Jordan’s tours of Wadi Rum here.

Traveling to Wadi Rum means you can also visit nearby Petra or hike the Jordan Trail. It is a perfect getaway from city life, a tranquil and serene environment to welcome in the sunrise and sunset with the quiet desert surroundings and warm welcome into Bedouin Hospitality.


The above article is a sponsored guest post by Tourist Jordan.

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