Where to do CrossFit in Amman

If you’ve moved to Amman and are looking for a place to continue your CrossFit routine, then rest assured, there are specialized gyms just for you in the Jordanian capital. Or perhaps you’re living in Amman and have heard of CrossFit and want to give it a try. And if you’re not even sure what CrossFit is but are looking for a new type of workout to switch things up, then you too can check out the following gyms just for CrossFit.

Before we get into the places to do CrossFit in Amman, for those that don’t know what it is, to sum it up basically it is a strength and conditioning program that is constantly varied, high intensity, focusing on functional movements. Its goal is to improve general physical preparedness.

Now here is the list of the CrossFit specialized gyms you can find in Amman:

CrossFit Crescent

crossfit crescent amman

CrossFit Crescent forges elite fitness for Amman’s finest professionals, parents, kids, athletes, and Jordan’s elite Special Forces.

Location: Moussa An-Nehar St. (between 8th Circle & Arab Revolt circle)

My review: I attended a session at CrossFit Crescent and really enjoyed the ambiance. Their location is within a huge sporting complex attached to outdoor soccer fields, giving it a wide-open feel and not the cramped gym experience. I was very warmly welcomed by the staff and they took me through step-by-step to make sure I was following along and not left to fend for my own, or worse yet, end up hurting myself. I definitely recommend CrossFit Crescent to anyone wishing to practice this sport, whether you’re a beginner or quite advanced in your practice.

facebook button CFCrescent

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website icon crossfitcrescent.com

CrossFit Quicksand

crossfit quicksand amman

CrossFit QuickSand is the first CrossFit box in Jordan.

Location: 201 Arar Street (Wadi Saqra) Next to Haddad Plaza

facebook button CrossFitQuickSand

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website icon crossfitquicksand.com


5 thoughts on “Where to do CrossFit in Amman

  1. The WOD Guys was born out of our love for CrossFit, and our endless hunt to find the right equipment in Middle East. The WOD Guys is now in Jordan!!

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  2. Brilliant post thank you. Do you have any recommendations for spin classes ?? Looking for a quality spin centre with knowledgable trainers and clean facilities throughout. Thank you.


  3. We’re excited to be here to serve Amman! We know that stress and our fast paced lives has taken its toll on our bodies and energy. We’re here to help you recharge your energy, regain your strength, and restore your body! Give us a call at 079 722 8865 and we’ll be glad to help!


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