The Best Mobile Apps if you Live in Amman

No matter where you live there are always apps to help you get through your day. There are worldwide apps that everyone and their mother has on their phone no matter where they are living. Then there are apps that are very specific to your current city.

The following list contains apps that are localized to Amman to help both Jordanians and Expats alike ease through their daily lives. Most all of the apps have an English version unless specifically stated.

Here they are (in no particular order!):


ustazi app jordan

Ustazi is a mobile app where students can find, book and rate private tutors. They have tutors for both national and international systems.

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Careem & Uber


Careem and Uber are the two popular taxi apps available in Amman.

Find out more about them here.

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linagas app jordan

Gas cylinder delivery to your home or office through a smartphone mobile application.

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Bilforon (بالفرن)

bilforon app amman

Mobile application for ordering home cooked food from home-based kitchens.

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aroundtown app amman

Aroundtown mobile app helps you find your favorite restaurant, view menus, photos, book your table and earn reward points. More about Aroundtown app here.

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talabat app amman

Order food delivery via app for a wide range of restaurants in Amman.

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gasable app jordan

Gasable connects you with gas cylinders distributors. Through their 24 hour-service, users can register with a few steps and ask for gas cylinders to be delivered at their preferred time.

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woozy app amman jordan

Woozy app’s purpose is to help you choose your night out destination easily with a free drink to ignite your night. More about Woozy app here.

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cashu app

CASHU is a safe and secure online payment method that provides users with the ability to pay with their mobile phone.

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jeeran app amman

Local reviews for thousands of places across Amman.

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valubil app jordan

Find interesting things to do, new places to try and nice things to buy at maximum discounts. Offers include: restaurants, hotels, salons, activities & more.

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3oun aoun app jordan

3oun (Aoun) App offers you an easy, fast and reliable way to hire handymen and professional services providers. You can book an order for the service you need like plumbing, home appliances, house cleaning, water tank, house painting, AC conditioning repair, and electricians.

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washbox app amman jordan

Laundry service that picks up your clothes from your house and then delivers them to where you wish.

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Sahelapp (سهل اب)

sahelapp jordan

SAHEL app provides home repair and maintenance services in easy and simple, no need to waste your time looking for and waiting technician.

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Amman Bus Map (معاً نصل – النقل العام حقنا جميعاً)

The first map for public transportation in Amman, Jordan. This app helps the residents and visitors of Amman plan their trips using the existing network of buses. Information in the app has been collected through a network of volunteers, and users are encouraged to join in and feed the map with more routes covering different parts of the city and eventually the whole country.

Language: Arabic

facebook button ma3an.nasel

Khareta (خريطة)

khareta app amman jordan

Find real estate to buy or rent, and you can also market real estate that you want to sell or rent out. The map is really what makes khareta special (khareta means map in Arabic). You can use the map, along with selection criteria to filter your list.

Language: Arabic (English version to be released soon)

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lyv app logo

Find real estate to buy or rent. App sends you notifications when you are nearby a property that matches your specifications.

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Noor Healthy

noor healthy amman

Noor Healthy app is a one-stop wellness platform that delivers healthy food and organic groceries to your doorstep.

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Know of any other apps specific for Jordan? Comment below and I’ll add them!

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