30 Boozy Drinks in Amman for Free – Woozy App

Yes, you read the title right, you can get 30 free alcoholic beverages in Amman FOR FREE.  That’s a free drink per day for one entire month. Now how in the world would you get something like this, especially in a city like Amman where alcohol doesn’t come cheap? It’s simple – there’s a new app on the scene called Woozy and if you sign-up for their elite membership at just 10 JD, you get 30 free drinks. OK, technically that’s 33.333333 qirsh per drink, but that really doesn’t count because you can surely find that on the bar’s floor.

Woozy was just launched this August and is promising to be a game changer for those that like to go out, but don’t like to go ALL out (money-wise, that is). So how exactly does it work? Here is all you need to know…

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Woozy

woozy app amman free drinks

Step 1

Download the app on iOS in the App store or on Android in the Google Play store.

Step 2

Log-in to Woozy using your Facebook account.

woozy app sign in facebookStep 3

Once you’re signed in, just scroll through the listed places and pick your drink of choice.

woozy find bar amman

Step 4

To get the 30 free drinks for 30 days, just subscribe through the app for a membership, pay 10 JD, and log-in every 24 hours to find out where and what the free drink that day is.

30 free drinks amman

Step 5

“Fe Sahtak/sahtik!” (Cheers!)

Connect with Woozy

facebook button woozyapp

instagram button woozy.app


Note: the above article is sponsored, but contains my personal views.

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