The #NoPlasticStrawsJordan Movement

Surely by now, you’ve seen the video of the sea turtle with a plastic straw being removed from its nostril. And if you’ve seen that video, then you’ve probably heard something about the “No Straw Please” movement. But to recap, people are nixing straws because of environmental concerns. Just think, a single-use plastic straw takes over 500 years to break down into smaller pieces (they never actually biodegrade)!

ocean pollution plastic
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We don’t have numbers for Jordan, but in the US alone, over 500 million straws are used EVERY SINGLE DAY. Imagine how much unnecessary plastic waste is building up on land and in our oceans. I say unnecessary because do you really need to use a straw? It may seem like just a tiny item, but just think that each day, in the United States, enough straws are used to wrap around the earth’s circumference 2.5 times!

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As I have traveled, I have noticed that many countries are making great efforts to end plastic straw use, and even big corporations like Starbucks have announced they will stop the use of plastic straws (their use of single-use cups, lids, etc. will still continue, but that’s a topic for a different day).

However, it’s not just about the big corporations doing their part, but also you as a consumer, all you have to do is simply refuse a straw wherever you go. It’s a tiny step but can make a big difference. I’ve been refusing straws now and I haven’t had any injuries due to non-straw usage, just a few spills when trying to drink from a fresh coconut in India 😉

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Restaurants, Cafes, Bars Going Straw-Free

As I use this blog to try to highlight ways to be more environmentally-friendly in Jordan, I decided to investigate a bit more about if any local eateries and drinkeries have caught on to the No Straws Attached movement. What I found was that there are currently no establishments that have stopped the use of plastic straws. I didn’t find any that are using alternatives like paper, bamboo or stainless steel straws either. Because of that, I decided to start the movement here and urge Jordanian eateries to either completely stop the use of plastic straws or to consider switching to eco-friendly options.

Where to Buy Paper Straws in Jordan

For restaurant and cafe owners that aren’t ready to go 100% straw-free but wish to switch from plastic to paper straws, here is a helpful list of suppliers in Jordan that sell them*:

*If you know of any other suppliers, do comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

Join #NoPlasticStrawsJordan


And as I said before, ending the use of plastic straws starts with you. However, if you’d like to join the wider #NoPlasticStrawsJordan movement to help spread the word to eateries and other individuals, then send me an email to for more information.

4 thoughts on “The #NoPlasticStrawsJordan Movement

  1. HI,

    Contacting you for help, my daughter has seen the problem with plastic straws and has started to collect them when ever she sees them.. I want to help her to make her dream come true by trying people to think about plastic straws… but I’ve got no idea where to start. I thought about giving out paper straws to her grade, getting her to contact restaurants to say only give if they ask!


    1. Hi Phillippa – I think your ideas to start by giving paper straws to her class is nice, but I like the idea best about spreading awareness about just not giving any straw at all 🙂 Any idea to spread the word about less disposable products is a good one!


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