From Glass Bottle to Upcycled Art Work – T Bottle

If you follow my blog then you’re bound to know that I love to talk about how to recycle in Amman and related to that, ways local businesses are upcycling items that most people consider “trash”. Because of this, I was very pleased to come across another grassroots organization in Jordan that is finding a way to upcycle glass bottles into beautiful pieces of art – T Bottle.

I’m always happy to know talented people are helping to save the environment one piece of rubbish at a time, but I’m especially glad to see something being done with glass, as there are currently no glass recycling facilities in Jordan.

Here’s a bit more about the inspiration behind T Bottle.

How it Started

Meet Therwah Abdelhaq, the founder, owner and creative artist behind T Bottle. He’s a 38-year-old Jordanian, father, industrial designer, and even holds a law degree. He started his own design office back in 2012, where he started working in graphic art and then later in refurbishing places.

therwah abelhaq

His plan wasn’t always to start T Bottle, as he says, it was just a coincidence. He participated in a competition to redesign a bottle for a local wine company and ended up winning. After that that he participated in a gallery and to his pleasant surprise, sold most of the decorated wine bottles.

t bottle amman jr wines
the winning bottle design

After winning, he decided to get more bottles and create more designs. His design ideas come mostly from research and people’s insights. One popular design is of the Lebanese singer Fayrouz because, as he says, “everyone loves Fayrouz, so an image of her on the bottle will catch some eyes”.

t bottle upcycled bottle artwork amman

Designs are also done by seasonal happenings, like The World Cup where he designed bottles using the players and flags.

tbottle jordan world cup art work

People get connected to our bottles once they see a character or shape they love, so our work is related to people’s emotional side.

Right now the bottles are bought to be used as decor or as a vase, but in the works is a new line of functional products, such as light shades.

Where You Can Buy Them

People can buy pre-made bottles from a few shops in Amman like Wild Jordan, Mlabas, and at the Queen Alia Airport.

If you have something specific in mind, they also take custom orders.

How to Donate Your Old Bottles

As I said above, there is no place to recycle glass bottles in Jordan. Save your bottles of all shapes and sizes and contact T Bottle for collection –

empty glass bottles recycle amman

Get in Contact

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phone icon 078 5444 174

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