Healthy Eaters of Amman, You Have to Try The Eatery Co.

It’s true we all love to indulge ourselves when it comes to food, but over time as a society, it’s also clear that we are becoming more and more aware of what we choose to fuel our bodies. Last year, a new eatery opened up in Amman that is catering to those who love good food but want to maintain a healthy and wholesome lifestyle – The Eatery Co.

Located behind the US Embassy in Abdoun (map), and serving food all day from 9 am – 10 pm (delivery also available), The Eatery Co. is one of the healthiest (and trendiest!) restaurants in Amman. As a health freak myself (who more than occasionally splurges when it comes to sweets) I personally want to tell you some of the reasons why you should add The Eatery Co. to your weekly food outing.

Here they are:

Baked Not Fried

In a culture that loves fried (cough, falafel, cough), it’s nice to see the oven being used instead of a vat of oil to create bitesize delicacies. The zucchini fritters on the menu are just that, baked to perfection without all the grease. Your arteries will thank you.

zucchini fritters quinoa eatery co amman

The Blended Coffee

If you need a caffeine pick-me-up you can get it without the guilt. The blended coffee has no sugar and no milk, which also means it’s suitable for vegans.

*Tip: If you’re getting it to-go, then be kind to the environment and ask for “no straw”.

coffee no sugar no milk eatery co amman

The Wide Variety of Salads

I’m a huge fan of salads, but not when they just consist of lettuce and tomato. Thankfully the salads are anything but boring at The Eatery Co. They have a nice selection no matter your taste preference.

kale quinoa salad eatery co amman
kale, quinoa, caramelized walnuts, date vinaigrette dressing

The Brunch

Who doesn’t like being able to eat a mix of breakfast items and lunch items at the same time?

brunch breakfast eatery co amman

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Smoothies

There’s no easier way to get your daily serving of fresh fruit and vegetables than by sipping on it. The smoothies The Eatery Co. serves up are all-natural and just made with fruits & veggies, no added sugar! Added bonus, they’re pretty to look at 😉

fresh fruit veg smoothie amman

Fresh Fruit To Go

Ok, fresh cut fruit may seem like something easy to make at home, but sometimes the easiest things are also the things you never seem to do. Having to buy a large variety of fruit and then cut it all up nicely and have it not spoil in the meantime is something I struggle with. Plus, it always tastes nicer when someone else does it for you, right?

fresh fruit to go amman eatery co

Healthy Soup of the Day

Soup is one of the best ways to get a meal packed full of vitamins and nutrients (unless it’s coming from a can). During the winter months, every day they have a new hot soup du jour and in the summer, cold soups – gazpacho or cucumber.

soup of the day healthy eatery co

Freshly Baked Wholesome Goodies

Why carbs get such a bad rap I don’t know. I personally can’t live without carbs, but I always prefer when they’re whole wheat. The freshly baked goodies at The Eatery Co. don’t disappoint in the wholesome and hearty category.

freshly baked treats healthy amman jordan eatery co


What is life without dessert? Meaningless. Don’t be afraid to sample something sweet at The Eatery. How I do it – order a salad and then order dessert. It’s all about balance.

affogato desserts eatery co amman

Kids Welcome

Every age group will feel right at home, even the smallest of healthy eaters.

kids eatery co amman

Great for Groups

Come with your entire crew, no matter the size, to enjoy good conversation over a wholesome meal.

eatery co amman group seating

Communal Seating, Too

And if you don’t have an entire crew with you, no worries, don’t be afraid to come alone and grab a seat to dine at the communal table.

communal table restaurant amman jordan

100% Smoke-Free Indoors

And last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite parts – no smoking allowed inside! I asked them why they chose to nix the smokey atmosphere and they said it just doesn’t work with their concept of being healthy!

indoor outdoor seating eatery co amman

Get in Touch with The Eatery Co.

facebook button eateryco

instagram button eatery_co

phone icon  06 593 3113

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