The Anti-Pub of Jabal Weibdeh – Rustic Bar & Eatery

At the end of 2017 a new bar and eatery popped up in the Jabal al-Weibdeh neighborhood and it’s getting a lot of GREAT reviews. Set on dubbing themselves as an authentic bar and NOT a pub, Rustic’s uniqueness sets it apart from the rest.

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Amman, to remain true to the history of the city, they kept the 90-year-old stone as it was and added a bit of authentic old architecture with a modern twist. And the gorgeous olive tree at the entrance, another distinguishing feature of the property, is over 150 years old!

olive tree rustic bar and eatery amman

Besides the uniqueness of the locale, here are some other reasons why you need to add Rustic to your plan this week.

An At Home Feeling

rustic bar eatery amman outdoor garden

Whether you want to soak up some sun in their outdoor garden or grab a drink in the cozy interior, you will feel right at home.

Excellent Service

rustic mojito amman

Don’t just take it from me, if you read Rustic’s reviews on Facebook you’ll see that people are raving about the great service.

Classy Crowd

rustic bar and eatery amman classy

If you’re wondering what type of crowd you can expect at Rustic, think classy and sophisticated, but not snobby.

Quality Food & Drinks

rustic amman nachos

Each dish is cooked to perfection by their renowned chef, notorious for his one-of-a-kind touch to every dish. Drinks are also inventive and tailor-made to order.

Excellent Music

rustic bar amman live music

Rustic always has music playing depending on the crowd, from oldies to live music concerts. You can keep up to date with their upcoming events here.

For more information about Rustic, check out their Facebook page:

facebook button rusticbarandeatery


Note to reader: The above article is sponsored by Rustic Bar & Eatery, but contains my own personal views.

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