Ways to Enjoy The Good Book Shop in Jabal Amman

Have you heard of The Good Book Shop? TGBS is part bookstore, outdoor cafe, co-work/study lounge, garden and cultural event venue. With its prime location right off Rainbow Street in downtown Jabal Amman, it is an urban getaway for book and coffee loving locals and expats alike.

the good book shop amman

But, besides the obvious of shopping for books, here are just a few other ways to enjoy TGBS:

Read a book

tgbs amman books

Don’t worry, you won’t get in any trouble for reading a book you haven’t purchased, it’s actually encouraged! So stop by, no matter your budget and just enjoy reading at TGBS.

Grab a coffee

coffee the good book shop amman jordan

Is there anything better than a piping hot cup of coffee and a good book? At TGBS you can have both.

Relax outdoors on the garden terrace

outdoor garden the good book shop amman

Day or night, you can cozy up on the garden terrace. Bring your computer along and use it as a co-working space if you wish as well!

Attend an event

game night the good book shop amman

TGBS hosts many cultural events and fun activities, from game nights to open mics. See their upcoming events here.

For more info about TGBS, follow them on Facebook:

facebook button TheGoodBookShop

And before we go, here’s another reason why TGBS is great – they’re doing a lot more than just selling books and providing a chill-out environment for their patrons. The founder, Safa Hijazeen, started TGBS back in May 2005, not just with business in mind, but rather to contribute to the local community through education, literacy, and culture.




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