Healthy Homemade Sweets & Snacks for Delivery and Pick-up in Amman

I tend to write a lot about the sweetest side of Amman, that is, the cakes, dessert shoppes, and even halva, or as I like to call it “over the counter heroin”. However much I promote finding ways to satisfy sugar cravings, the truth is I am also a big fan of staying healthy. Since being fit on the inside and outside comes down to two things – what we fuel our bodies with and leading an active lifestyle, it is always a jump for joy moment for me when I see traditional desserts and snacks modified to include only the most natural of ingredients.

Gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, egg-free, oil-free, etc. etc. are all diet trends that we’ve heard about and know are good for us, but sometimes it’s hard to find these options readily available when it comes to indulgences. Luckily for me (and for you), there are many home-based chefs in Amman that take healthy desserts to the next level. And the best part, you can order all of their products through your phone via WhatsApp or with a simple DM on Instagram.

Here are my favorite healthy homemade chefs in Amman.

Vividly Veggie

Alia Jumean is the home chef behind Vividly Veggie. A full-time vegan, who combines her love for fitness with plant-based goodness because she feels what you buy can be made at home, except 100x better.

Menu: Cookies, cake bars, nut butters, donuts, raw treats…

Dietary Info: All products are 100% vegan, refined sugar-free and gluten-free.

How to Order: DM via Instagram

instagram button vividlyveggie

Nour’s Kitchen

Chef Nour Zabian sets out to prove that healthy can be delicious!

Menu: Tarts, raw desserts, brownies, tiramisu, mousse, muffins…

Dietary Info: Sugar-free, egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free. 100% vegan.

How to Order: 079 624 7578

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The Med Shed

Chef Karma Bdeir brings you healthy packaged snacks and more that are made to increase your mindfulness and holistic health.

Menu: Truffles, cookies, granola, crackers, roll-ups, donuts, cupcakes, cakes, nut butters…See full menu here.

Dietary Info: Nutrient rich, high-fibre, refined sugar-free, refined flour-free. Many vegan options.

How to Order: WhatsApp 079 993 4011

instagram button the.medshed


Le Cordon Bleu chef J. Kaddoura makes food that is above all kind, honest and guilt-free.

Menu: Ice cream, cookies, muffins, chocolate bars, bread, fudge bites, cake, nut butters…

Dietary Info: Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free. Many vegan options.

How to Order: DM via Instagram or

instagram button skaba_jo


Chef Fida Abo Alrob creates real, tasty and healthy food that is free from artificial ingredients, sugar, and hydrogenated oils and at reasonable prices.

Menu: Vegan cheese, labneh, ice cream, nut butters… See full menu here.

Dietary Info: 100% vegan, sugar-free, no artificial ingredients, no hydrogenated oils.

How to Order: Via the Atrameez Facebook Page or DM via Instagram

instagram button atrameezproducts


Chef Farida Alrimawi is a dietitian, recipe developer, and food photographer who cooks up healthy treats made from scratch. She believes no one should be deprived to be healthy.

Menu: Nut and oat bars, date balls, chocolate bars, cookies… See full menu here.

Dietary Info: All products are gluten-free, refined sugar-free. Many dairy-free/vegan options as well.

How to Order: 07 9159 3737 or

instagram button nutrizonia

Bia Bakes

Thoraya Dulaimy cooks up homemade baked goods that are made with healthy ingredients.

Menu: Cookies, tarts, cakes, granola, bars…

Dietary Info: All products refined sugar-free. Vegan and gluten-free options available.

How to Order:

instagram button biabakes

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