Where to Eat a Veggie Burger in Amman

Is it just me or does it seem that every day there is a new burger joint popping up in Amman? Despite what you might think, as an American, I’ve never been a big fan of a big, juicy hamburger. However, I do get a craving every once in a while for a veggie burger. Call it naive, but when I saw how many restaurants have burgers on their menu I just assumed they would also have a vegetarian and/or vegan option, but I was definitely wrong! Searching a bit, I found 20+ restaurants in Amman specializing in burgers that currently don’t serve anything but meat. After a bit more investigation, I did come up with 5 places that currently offer a veggie burger, and only one of them actually shows it on their menu (hence the lack of pictures).

Here’s the list of where to go for a veggie burger in Amman, and if it’s vegetarian or vegan.

Protein Hub

vegan burger proteinhubjo amman

Two 100% vegan options – The Big Smoke (mock-beef) and The Big Chick in (mock-chicken). 100% plant made, zero added sugar, No fillers, no weird ingredients, No soy or soy-based ingredients, 100% homemade.

*Note – there are meat versions with the same name, so be sure to specify the vegan option!

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primal vegetarian quinoa burger

Quinoa Burger (vegetarian): bread and patty contain eggs

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Veggie burger with either avocado sauce or BBQ sauce (100% vegan)

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Burger Joint

burger joint amman

Offers both vegetarian and vegan options

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Volk’s Burger

volk's burger

Offers both vegetarian and vegan options

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whispers restaurant amman

Offers both vegetarian and vegan options

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Centro Diner Cafe

The Green Piece Veggie Burger (vegetarian): patty is made of cheese and it has milk and eggs

Vegan option on special request: patty is seasoned tofu and mushrooms

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T-Bone & Cheese

tbone and cheese veggie burger amman

T-Bone & Cheese is not a restaurant, but rather a deli where you can buy the freshly made vegan burger patties. They are made of red kidney beans, green pepper, onion and veggie spices.

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These burger places DO NOT offer veggie burgers

C’mon F&B industry, don’t you realize how vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are growing exponentially? And no, Jordan is no exception to this statistic. I encourage everyone to write the following places to tell them to add a veggie burger to their menu!

  • Heroes Burgers and Wings
  • Firefly Burger
  • Burger G
  • Campfire Grill
  • Ad24 Burgers
  • Q Restaurant
  • 18th Century Burger
  • Cube Burger
  • Fatty Dabs
  • Bash Burger
  • Burger Makers
  • Burger Code
  • Lion’s Roar
  • Vburger
  • BnB
  • Vibe Steaks and Burger
  • Garage for Burger and More
  • Burger Station
  • Burgers and Sliders Shop
  • Harley Burger
  • Burger and Dough

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