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A huge part of my daily life is finding a way to personally move towards zero-waste. From trying to buy products with as little packaging as possible, and when I do have the inevitable packaging, trying to re-use it or recycle it at one of the recycling centers in Amman, to trying to get a grasp on composting, it is always my intention to make as little of a negative impact on the environment as possible. However, there is one area which I haven’t caught up on the zero waste life goal: upcycled household items.

Over the years I have moved house a lot, and when I change from one city or country to another I always sell everything I own and then buy new when I reach my destination. With that said, I do try to have as minimal items as possible, but I have always admired the concept of using recycled materials to create new products, especially furniture.

Thankfully, in Jordan, there are some places that create upcycled furniture and home decor. Today I spoke with Omar Abu Nowar, creator of PRAKTI, a Jordanian upcycling startup. Here’s why you should consider PRAKTI over IKEA next time you want to buy a new piece for your home or business.


prakti upcycled furniture amman jordan

PRAKTI was established in Jordan in November 2016. Its main aim is to positively contribute towards a better environment and it also, by default, has a keen focus on sustainability and ethics.

Currently, PRAKTI’s main focus is turning trash and neglected treasures into pieces of functional art. They make signs, boxes and furniture and many other things, and they always have the capability to customize to order.

Here are just a few of their awesome creations:

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1 Tree Planted for Every Purchase

People don’t always think that what they throw away can be of use in so many ways – PRAKTI collects this “trash” and brings it back to life.

This is not the only way that PRAKTI positively impacts the environment; right from the start they have promised to plant a tree for every purchase and they have kept that promise and will continue to do so.

Drop-off Your Recycling

If you have any wood, plastic bottles, old ropes, old furniture, feel free to bring it by PRAKTI, they will surely be able to find a way to turn it into a piece of art.

Location & Contact

To visit the PRAKTI workshop, head to the Sweifiyeh neighborhood. You can find them on Bakheet Al Issa Street (map).

To get in contact with them, you can call +962 7 9036 9494 or drop them a message via social media:

facebook button PRAKTIJO  instagram button prakti_co

About the Owner

omar abu nowar prakti amman jordan

Omar Abu Nowar, a graduate of German Jordanian University with a degree in Logistic Sciences, established PRAKTI in 2016 on a low budget, just to prove that financials don’t necessarily hinder us from pursuing our creative dreams. He strongly believes that the only determinant factors are strong will, the right strategy, and hard work.

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