The Best Bread Bakeries in Amman

If I have to pick just one thing that Jordan does well, I pick the country’s selection of bread. I’m not just talking about the traditional Jordanian bread, but also the wide-range of not so Middle Eastern bread. From French baguettes, German Vollkornbrot, Austrian Schwarzbrot, to my personal favorite, sourdough, you can find pretty much any type of bread you’re looking for in Amman. And if you need gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, you can find that too!

Without further ado, here’s the official list of the best bread bakeries in Amman:

Boutique Bakery

boutique bakery amman

Austrian bakery for artisan bread and European delicacies. All items are GMO-free and chemical preservatives free. Boutique Bakery is also an official purveyor to the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan.

Locations: Rabieh (7, Arwad Street) and Weibdeh

Bestsellers: sourdough, rye

Dietary restrictions bread options: No

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Beat tha Wheat

beat tha wheat gluten free bakery amman

Wheat free bakery and healthy delights.

Location: Abdullah Ghousheh, Mecca Street

Bestsellers: Arabic Bread, Toast

Dietary restrictions bread options: Everything is gluten-free.

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German Bakery

german bread bakery amman

The first bakery in Amman specializing in German-style bread.

Location: Al Baraka Mall, Level P1, Swefieh

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Al Sufara’a Bakery

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Al Sufara Bakery (مخبز السفراء) is the place to go in Amman for traditional Arabic bread.

Location: Ali Nassouh At-Taher Street, 17, Swefieh

Foron Rex

foron rex amman bread bakery

A small bakehouse that loves making artisan breads and pastries, sourcing local ingredients when possible.

Location: Al Bani Radi Street, Swefieh

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crumz amman bread bakery

Locations: Abdoun (Al Anani Complex, Salman Al Quddah Street, 4) and Dabouq (Dabouq Complex, Juma Al Shebli Street)

Dietary restrictions bread options: Gluten-free

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Koursha’s Bakery

kourshas bread bakery amman

Since 2011, Koursha’s Bakery has been baking all types of breads.

Location: Mikhaled al Rawashdeh Street, Hani Sobar Trading Complex, Swefieh

Bestsellers: Sourdough

Dietary restrictions bread options: Sugar-free

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Al Raya Bakery

alraya bread bakery amman

Location: Sweileh


Dietary restrictions bread options:

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Kajo Group

kajo bread bakery amman

Location: Shmeisani

Dietary restrictions bread options: Gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, low calorie, and vegetarian products.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Bread Bakeries in Amman

    1. Ah! I see we both had bread on the mind hehehe. I’ll have to check out Foron Rex and Sufra. I’ve never been to those!


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