Work & Study Spots in Amman – MindHub

Looking for a coffee shop in Amman where you can work, study or have a catch-up with friends? Then you absolutely have to check-out MindHub in the Rabieh neighborhood.

mindhub amman work study cafe

Why we love MindHub

  • plenty of power outlets & USB chargers
  • high-speed WiFi internet
  • 100% smoke-free
  • cozy atmosphere
  • delicious food & drinks
  • order by chat via Facebook messenger

Need more reasons to be convinced to set-up your next work or study sesh at MindHub? Just keep scrolling and see some of the items on their awesome beverage menu. From hot and cold drinks to smoothies and shakes, you will find something for whatever you’re craving to help you stay charged and power through your day. And don’t worry, they also have a scrumptious food menu for whenever you’re stomach starts grumbling.

Here is a small selection of some must-try menu items:


mindhub amman cappuccino

Caffe Latte

mindhub amman-Caffe-Latte

Caffe Latte with Soya Milk

Perfect for vegans or lactose intolerances

mindhub amman soya milk coffee

Strawberry Milkshake

other shake flavors: banana split, chocolate chips, cookies & cream
mindhub amman strawberry chocolate milkshake

Cinnamon Latte

mindhub amman cinnamon latte


mindhub amman espresso

Iced Coffee Latte

mindhub iced coffee amman

Iced Tea

mindhub iced tea amman

Iced Pecan Coffee

mindhub amman iced pecan coffee

Espresso Affogato

mindhub amman afforgato

Caramel Fusion

other fusion flavors: chocolate chip, espresso, white
mindhub amman caramel fusion

Creme Brulee Coffee

mindhub amman creme brulee coffee

Iced Creme Brulee Coffee

mindhub amman iced creme brulee

Green Skinny Smoothie

All smoothies are made with fresh fruit and no added sugar!

Heavenly Raspberry Smoothie
mindhub amman berry smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

blueberry smoothie mindhub amman


mindhub amman tea

Butter Coffee

mindhub amman butter coffee

Chai Latte

mindhub amman chai latte


mindhub amman sahlab

And if you get hungry, don’t miss out on their savory and sweet menu items.

Here are just a few delectable choices:

Penne Salad

Veg-friendly tip: To make it vegetarian, simply ask for no chicken
Penne-Salad mindhub amman

Fresh Greek Salad

other salad options: crunchy caesar, wild pear, taco salad
greek salad mindhub amman

Halloumi Sandwich

Sandwich_Caprese-Halloumi mindhub amman

Date Bar

Sugar-free and flourless

Date Bar mindhub

Connect with MindHub

Visit them: Abdulla Bin Rawahah Street, Al Hussaini Complex, Al Rabieh

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