Beer Tourism – Visit Carakale, Jordan’s 1st Microbrewery

We’ve talked about Wine Tourism in Jordan, so now it’s time to talk about another form of alcohol adventuring in the Amman area – Beer Tourism.

Microbreweries are a huge trend worldwide and thanks to Carakale, Jordan has one of its own in honor of its ancient roots. After all, beer originated in Mesopotamia as early as the 5th millennium BC. Carakale may not have been around for thousands of years, but since their founding in 2010, they are well on their way to fulfill their mission to 1) create a beer culture in Jordan and 2) to become the first internationally recognized Jordanian (craft) beer.

With that said, if you love beer, then you must plan a day to visit the Carakale microbrewery in Fuheis (map). Their location, just 20 km away from downtown Amman, has spectacular views of the Blue Canyon, warranting a pretty awesome venue to sip on some specialty homebrewed, Jordanian beer. They also throw beer-infused gatherings at the brewery, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for upcoming Carakale events.

carakale microbrewery amman jordan
Beer tasting with a view

Carakale Beer 101

Before you go, here’s a bit of info about what makes Carakale so special (as if you needed some convincing to visit them).

Types of Beers Brewed

Carakale has three “series” of beers that are always available, with the actual beer types changing based on supply. They break them down into:

  • Flagship (Blonde Ale, Pale Ale)
  • Master Brewer Reserves (IPA, Winter Ale, Coffee Porter, Whiskey Ale, Mocha Stout)
  • Single Batch (Summer Ale, Kristalweizen, Red Ale)

All Natural

Carakale beer is as natural as it comes, meaning they don’t use foam enhancers, malt extract, hop concentrate, enzymes, chemical preservatives or cheap malt substitutes.

They also bring in their ingredients from the US and Europe to ensure the highest quality. Hopefully one day Jordan can produce their own hops and the such, but for now, import is the best option.

A Jordanian Local Brand

What better way to support local business than by enjoying local beer?

Carakale was started by a young Jordanian, Yazan Karadsheh, who has a passion for not only beer, but showing off what his home country has to offer.


Cheers everyone 🙂 or better yet… “Fe Sahtak/sahtik!”


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