Meet Pliking, Plogging’s Adventurous Brother – ECO Hikers Jordan

Have you heard of the fitness trend called plogging? If you’re shaking your head “no”, then let me explain. Plogging is a Scandinavian workout movement that ties together picking up trashing while jogging. How did it get the name? In Swedish, plocka upp translates to picking up, so you combine that with “jogging” and you get plogging. Got it? 🙂

Now don’t worry, because you don’t have to go all the way to the Nordic countries to try out this eco-friendly workout. Thanks to two hikers, Nader Manaseer and Rajiv Raman, a new group has started up in Amman and though they’re not exactly plogging, but rather pliking – picking up trash while hiking, they’ve already got quite the following.

The group’s name is fittingly ECO Hikers and their motto is simply “let’s clean as we hike – because we love Jordan and because we love nature.” The reason Nader and Rajiv started the group was to take action on their on-going discussion between them and their hiking buddies about doing something to clean up Jordan’s trash-littered trails.

eco hikers jordan amman

For their inaugural hike, they did a 9 km trek from Rmemeen to Salt. The group of 30 participants gathered enough trash and recyclable material (glass, plastic, cardboard, and cans) to fill an entire truck!

amman eco hikers trash truck
Photo credit: Chevy Morris

All of the garbage collected during the hikes was distributed to Alaa Ziadeh, founder of Ziadat4recycling, a local organization that uses thrown out materials to create trendy, eco-friendly furniture. Bravo ECO Hikers!

Join an eco-hike and help clean Jordan

group photo amman eco hikers
Photo credit: Chevy Morris

If you are interested in helping make Jordan more beautiful while getting a workout in and not to mention, meeting some pretty cool locals and expats, be sure to join one of their weekend hikes (do note, spots are limited).

To join, be sure to follow ECO Hikers on Facebook and sign-up for one of their weekly pliking events.

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