Where to Find Vegan Dessert in Amman

I have a whole section of my blog dedicated to the best sweet treats in Amman, including many dairy-free, plant-based options. But here is an easy-to-read compilation of the sweetest places in Amman for a vegan dessert.


primal vegan dessert

Primal is one of my favorite places in Amman when I am craving a good meal (dessert included). Though they aren’t a purely vegan establishment, they’re paleo to be exact, they have lots of options on their menu, and they are always adding new veg-friendly items.

Follow them @primal.restaurant on Instagram to see all their mouth-watering vegan treats

Location: Omar Bin Ekramah Street, Abdoun

Four Winters

four winters amman vegan option

Four Winters is an ice cream chain that started in Amman back in 2013. They mix the ice cream base right in front of you using liquid nitrogen for a pretty sweet science experiment. On their menu, they offer 2 vegan ice cream bases – coconut and dark chocolate. Make sure to specify you want it vegan as they do have dairy options as well. Add the vegan mix-ins like fruit or coconut flakes to make it even tastier.

Follow them @four_winters on Instagram to see all of their creations and seasonal flavors

Location: Omar Bin Ekramah Street, Abdoun

Hala’s Treats

halas treats vegan desserts amman

Hala’s Treats – Cakes & Eatery is not only a great place for breakfast, lunch or a coffee but for their awesome vegan desserts. In shoppe they regularly have a selection of vegan cookies, cakes and other items that rotate. Pair your indulgence with a latte or cappuccino made with almond or soy milk. And if you’re looking for a specialty vegan cake for an event, you can also order them 24 hours in advance. Word on the street is they make an awesome vegan-friendly carrot cake.

Follow @halastreats on Instagram for all of their current desserts

Location34 Hasan Barqawi Street

We Farm

we farm amman vegan desserts

We Farm is an organic grocery store that carries quite a few decadent vegan dessert options. They have a selection of vegan ice cream, smoothies, fig bars, etc.

Follow @we_farm_amman on Instagram for product updates

Location: Nicolas Ghanmah Street, near Paris Circle, Jabal el Weibdeh



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