Low Cost Flights in Jordan – Ryanair is Here!

Budget travelers rejoice, Ryanair will start flights to Europe out of Amman’s Queen Alia Airport starting in March 2018, rolling out 10 other new routes in October. There will also be new flights starting out of Aqaba Airport (from October until March/winter season only).

These new routes are a part of the low-cost airline’s plan to expand throughout the Middle East. The expansion in Jordan is estimated to serve around 500,000 travelers to/from Jordan and will also create over 300 jobs in the Hashemite Kingdom. That’s a win-win if I say so myself.

Without further ado, these are the places you will be able to travel to out of Jordan on the cheap:

Ryanair Flights from the Amman Airport

Paphos, Cyprus

4 weekly flights to Paphos starting in March 2018

image source: The Telegraph

Bologna, Italy

2 weekly flights to Bologna starting in October 2018

image source: leafly

Brussels, Belgium

2 weekly flights to Brussels (Zaventem Airport) starting in October 2018

image source: erasmusu.com

Bucharest, Romania

2 weekly flights to Bucharest starting in October 2018

romania bucharest
image source: cruisemapper.com

Budapest, Hungary

2 weekly flights to Budapest starting in October 2018

Budapest, Hungary parliament at night
image source: horwathhtl.com

Krakow, Poland

2 weekly flights to Krakow starting in October 2018

krakow poland
image source: Shutterstock

Milan, Italy

3 weekly flights to Milan (Bergamo Airport) starting in October 2018

milan italy
image source: dreamofitaly.com

Prague, Czech Republic

2 weekly flights to Prague starting in October 2018

prague czech republic
image source: spendlifetraveling.com

Vilnius, Lithuania

2 weekly flights to Vilnius starting in October 2018

vilnius lithuania
image source: trueanomaly.com

Warsaw, Poland

2 weekly flights to Warsaw (Modlin Airport) starting in October 2018

warsaw poland
image source: Travel + Leisure

Ryanair Flights from the Aqaba Airport

Athens, Greece

2 weekly flights to Athens starting in October 2018

image source: kevinandamanda.com

Cologne, Germany

2 weekly flights to Cologne starting in October 2018

cologne germany
image source: vinepair.com

Rome, Italy

2 weekly flights to Rome (Ciampino Airport) starting in October 2018

rome italy
image source: greatruns.com

Sofia, Bulgaria

2 weekly flights to Sofia starting in October 2018

sofia bulgaria
image source: larugayoga.com


For more info click here and to book your flights visit www.ryanair.com


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