Why You Should Consider Couchsurfing in Amman

couchsurfing in amman
image source: fairydawn.com

I’ve done Couchsurfing 3 times now in my life, all were good experiences (i.e. I wasn’t murdered in my sleep like I feared). Jokes aside, it really was a nice way to hang out with a local and I especially recommend it for solo travelers.

Now how I got to thinking about couch surfing in Amman was because the other day someone brought it up that they share my blog with their own couch surfers (thanks!) and it made me think, “wow, I didn’t realize couch surfing was a thing in Jordan”. I don’t know why I didn’t expect locals to invite strangers into their homes in Jordan, maybe it’s because the majority of Jordanians live with their parents until they’re married, or maybe I still have some pre-conceived notion of the Middle East and safety. But yes, couch surfing is a thing in Amman and apparently a big thing, with nearly 10,000 hosts registered to date. So if you’re looking for a unique stay in Amman, then definitely give it a try.

How to Be a Couch Surfer

To get started surfing some couches, it’s quite simple. All you have to do is create a profile on couchsurfing.com and then start searching for hosts based on your travel dates. You have to write them a little note every time you try to book their place, er, couch, and they can choose to accept the request or not. Remember, when you’re writing them, try to personalize the request so it at least seems you’re actually interested in staying with them and not just to avoid Amman’s expensive accommodation. It, of course, will also benefit you to stay with someone that you would actually want to hang out with!

Tip for the wary couch surfer: If you’ve never couch surfed before, then check the host’s references to make sure they’re legitimate.

Become a Couchsurfing Host

couchsurfing host
image source: nomadicmatt.com

And on the other side, if you’re looking to meet interesting people from all over the globe, then you could consider signing up to donate your couch or spare room to travelers, at your convenience of course. All you have to do is make a profile on couchsurfing.com and people will start contacting you to stay at your place. Don’t worry, you can check their references too!

Do you have any experiences couch surfing in Amman? Let me know about them in the comments below 🙂

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