In Amman? Want Falafel? Here’s Where to Go…

I recently posted about how freaking expensive Amman is, with some exceptions: taxis, data plans, traffic fines and FALAFEL. Falafel is cheap as chips in Jordan and let’s hope it stays that way.

If you’re looking for the best falafel in the city, here are the most notorious places to go to grab a falafel sandwich or wrap.

Hashem Restaurant

hashem restaurant amman
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In operation since 1956, this family-owned restaurant serves up some of the best falafel and Bilad al Sham cuisine in Amman.

Note: Called Mataem Hashem in Arabic. Any local will tell you it is the legendary place in downtown Amman to get authentic Levantine street food.

Location: Jabal Amman, King Faisal Street

Al Quds

al quds falafel amman
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Al Quds was opened in 1966 and has one item on the menu – falafel sandwiches on kaak (sesame bread). Read more about my first trip to Al Quds here.

Note: Al Quds isn’t a sit down place, as they only serve falafel to go, however, there are some benches al fresco directly across the street.

Location: Jabal Amman, Rainbow Street

Abu Jbara

abu jbara

Unlike Hashem Restaurant and Al Quds, Abu Jbara is a huge, modern location with plenty of room to sit and eat (they also have a take-away counter). They opened in 2006 and have been serving traditional Levantine cuisine ever since.

Note: If you get a craving for falafel at 2 am, Abu Jbara’s Madina Munawara location is your place because it’s open 24 hours!


  • Madina Munawara Street
  • Mecca Street
  • Gardens Street

Al Kalha

kalha falafel dabouq amman

Al Kalha is a chain specializing in falafel sandwiches (& more) in Amman.  Read my post about Al Kalha here.

Note: Al Kalha was always my go-to place for a falafel wrap. For 1 JD I would stuff it with as many items from the salad bar as my stomach could handle!


  • Dabouq – Royal Center, King Abdullah II Street A168
  • Queen Alia Airport departures food court


Where’s your favorite falafel place?


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