Vegan living in Jordan? Join the Vegans of Amman Facebook group!

Living in Amman, and Jordan in general, one of my absolute FAVORITE parts is the food. A lot of people always ask me “how easy is it to be vegan in Jordan?”, which I always reply “extremely easy!”.

There are tons of naturally vegan options in traditional Jordanian and Levantine cuisine, need I say hummus? falafel? fattoush?…

vegan options amman

However, what isn’t always easy in Jordan, is finding someone that wants to head to a vegetarian or vegan-friendly restaurant with you. Because I am convinced that Jordan is becoming a place where the people are increasingly exploring vegan or vegetarian lifestyles, I decided to start a group on Facebook to gather likeminded plant-based eaters so they could get tips on where to eat, where to buy their veg essential ingredients, or just gather for a vegan brunch on the weekend to meet other vegans.

If you’re interested in joining us, head over to our Vegans of Amman Facebook group. The more the merrier 🙂

vegans of amman facebook group

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