Meet Other Expats in Amman – InterNations

If you’re an expat new to Amman or have lived there a while and looking to break out of your circle and meet other expats, then you should definitely consider joining InterNations. InterNations is a worldwide online community with the intention to help expats connect with other expats.

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Expats in the Middle East

Living in the Middle East can be very interesting and rewarding, but can also be challenging with the transition to a different culture. To find a haven where you can find answers and supporters is important and helps you not only with the first steps in a new country but also to avoid a burn-out when the charm wears off and little things start to annoy you. InterNations is a great way to help you with the adaptation and getting around in your day-to-day.

InterNations Amman

To find out more about InterNations Amman, I sat down with Gabriela Roschinsky, the Ambassador for the Amman Community and owner of Boutique Bakery. Originally from Vienna, Austria, for the past five years she’s been organizing the InterNations events in the Jordanian capital for more than 7,000 members. Every month she throws two parties, the so-called “big event” and another one for expats only.


internations events

From the big monthly parties to monthly cooking parties, business and networking events, culture & entertainment, dining, sports & leisure, there are plenty of types of events for expats in Amman. See all upcoming InterNations events here.


internations amman groups

Depending on your hobbies and interests, you can find your niche community by not only attending events but by joining expat groups as well. Group topics range from Mindfulness, Families, Walking, Business, Language Exchanges, Book Clubs, etc. Browse InterNations Groups here.


amman expat forum internations

On the website, you can also find a forum where you can post in different categories to find out more about Amman. You can add your questions, post or search for jobs, find housing, sell items, etc. It’s a great one-stop shop to get help from fellow expats. Visit the Amman forum here.

My Review of InterNations

I first opened my InterNations account when I moved abroad in 2009. I’ve been to a few events over time and found that is was usually an older crowd that attended the events (I was in my mid-20s at the time). When I first moved to Amman I checked out InterNations again to try to find groups that I could join to meet people but was disappointed that I would have to become a paying member (about $60 a year) to join the groups and find out the details for their meet-ups. Because of that, I was a bit turned off from using InterNations, however, I did use the forum option to post questions I had or to share in the “Town Talk” section.



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