How & Where to Get A Pre-Paid SIM Card in Jordan

I’m all for the idea of going on vacation and completely disconnecting from technology. With that said, there are times when having internet connection on your phone while traveling can come in handy, or be completely necessary. If you plan on renting a car during your time in Jordan, then having access to Google Maps is a plus. If you’re not renting a car, then being able to hail an Uber (read more about Uber in Jordan here) from anywhere without searching for WiFi is another big plus. With this said, if you want to get a pre-paid SIM card when you arrive in Jordan, then the best place to get one is with either Umniah or Zain. There is also Orange in Jordan, but I don’t know many people who use it.

Umniah vs Zain

Personally, I have only used the Zain post-paid service, but recently I tried out Umniah. I found there is really no difference in price or service (they both offer 4G/LTE) between the two companies.

Also, if you’re staying longer than 1 month in Jordan, to re-load your SIM is very simple. You can do so at any Zain or Umniah store or even at the supermarket.

And don’t worry if you don’t speak Arabic, in my experience, the employees have always spoken English, making for a simple transaction.

Price: Expect to pay around ~10 JD for unlimited calls and 2+ GB of internet.

Where to get an Umniah or Zain SIM card

If you’re arriving at Queen Alia International Airport, there are both the Umniah and Zain booths next to each other right when you exit the baggage claim section of the airport. They will be on your left, next to Starbucks.

To get a SIM card you just need to show your passport and fill out a registration form. And of course, make sure your phone is unlocked (can accept any service provider).

If you don’t arrive in Amman, or would rather pick it up after the airport, just head to a local Umniah or Zain shop. There are plenty across Jordan so you won’t have an issue finding one.

Happy Travels!


5 thoughts on “How & Where to Get A Pre-Paid SIM Card in Jordan

    1. Thanks for the info! I have never tried out Umniah so I am not sure how to vouch for their service enough to promote them in the blog.


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