Vegetarian-Friendly Cooking Classes & Workshops in Amman

A few days ago a traveling chef from Switzerland contacted me to see if there are any vegetarian cooking classes or workshops that he could join in Amman. To be honest, I’m not really into cooking, (unless you count chopping cucumbers and tomatoes to dip into store-bought hummus) so I haven’t tried any culinary experiences in the city personally. However, I did ask around a bit and below I’ve compiled the suggestions.

Note: None of the below experiences are specifically created for ONLY vegetarian, but they are adaptable, so make sure you call ahead or write them on Facebook to get a personalized veg-friendly cooking class.

Beit Sitti

Beit Sitti offers a cook and dine experience where you come and learn how to prepare a traditional Arabic meal with the help of a hajjeh (old woman), and then eat the food that you prepared. You can book your session for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner and come learn how to prepare a four course Arabic meal using seasonal vegetables picked by our local women.

Location: Jabal al Weibdeh

How to book: Online (mention you want vegetarian only)


AirBnb Experiences

local cooking class amman

I’ve tried out one of AirBnb’s Experiences before (read about it here), though I didn’t do a cooking class, they also offer many culinary experiences like: Cook with local women in Iraq Al Amir, Meal with a Local Chef and Family, Arabic Cooking with Local Women, Cook a Traditional Dish with Shereen and Cooking Lesson with a Local Chef.

Location: Across Amman & also in Iraq al Amir

How to book: Online (make sure you specify ahead of time for vegetarian only)

More info:–Jordan/experiences

Lokal Travel

lokal travel jerash cooking with locals

Lokal is a marketplace for booking local, sustainable adventures around the world. They carefully select each experience to make sure it provides an amazing travel experience and benefits back to the local community. For this culinary experience you join the woman of the Bait Khayrat Souf Association for a hands-on day of making (and eating) delicious artisanal jams and a traditional lunch. You’ll learn to make various fruit jams, labaneh, magdous, fresh bread and other tasty dishes. You’ll also get to try their secret blend of healthy, acorn-based coffee.

Location: Jerash

How to book: Online


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