Souq Al Shams Organic Farmers’ Market and Fruit & Vegetable Delivery

If you’re looking to support local farmers, go organic, eat healthier, or just get out and about on the weekend, then you need to check out Jordan’s first organic market – Souq Al Shams Farmers’ Market. You can find it every Friday from 11 am to 6 pm at Wild Jordan Center in Jabal Amman.

alshams farmers market amman

For more information you can visit their Facebook page:

“Weekly Basket” Organic Produce Home Delivery

If you can’t make it on Friday, don’t worry, you can still get organic fruit and veggies from Souq Al Shams. In addition to a weekly farmers’ market, they also offer organic produce delivery to your doorstep. The 100% organic, seasonal fruit and vegetable options are handpicked from their farms in Ajloun.

They have two “basket” options (delivery included in the price):

  • Jumbo Basket 10 kg (4.5 kg Fruit, 5.5 kg Vegetables) – 25 JD
  • Standard Basket 6 kg (2 kg Fruit, 4 kg Vegetables) – 15 JD

To order: +962 772073446

or for more details:

About the Al Kifah Cooperative Society

organic farm ajloun jordan
an organic, local farm in Ajloun

Al Kifah Cooperative Society is the organization behind the Souq Al Shams Farmers’ Market. The society set up Al Yasmin Organic Farms, otherwise known as the ‘Al Yasmin Organic Agro Cluster’ in Ajloun Governorate in 2008.

Al Kifah’s goal is to reach out to the whole of Ajloun governorate. To do so, in 2010 they set up 25 small and micro farms with the objective of planting and growing medicinal herbs. In 2013, Al Yasmin Farms also expanded to include the Jerash governorate. These farms making up the ‘Al Yasmin Organic Agro Cluster’ which aim to:

  • Increase the production of medicinal herbs to supply increasing market demand.
  • Contribute to the development of Ajloun and Jerash agricultural and economic sectors.
  • Secure a regular income for all farm owners within the agro cluster.

Al Kifah also offers their farmers the following services:

  • Supply of plants free of charge.
  • Loans to help start up their organic farm.
  • Technical support/assistance to ensure sustainability.
  • Purchasing of products from the farms.
  • Convert existing farms to organic farms.

Other Farmer’s Markets in Amman

If you are looking for other farmers’ markets in Amman, you can also check out the Nour Al Barakah Market.

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