Work & Study Spots in Amman – Rumi Cafe Weibdeh

If you are a student in Amman, or have a job that allows you to work remotely, then you need to check out Rumi Cafe in Weibdeh. Here is everything you need to know about getting your study or work on at Rumi.

Menu & Prices

rumi daily menu amman

Rumi is a coffee, tea and sandwich shoppe. As you can see in their menu above they have all types of hot drinks as well as some bites to eat like muesli, toast, and they always have fresh baked cakes and treats as well. The prices aren’t too expensive, but definitely more expensive than their second location at the Shoman Library (another great study spot).

When I went I ordered just a black coffee and stayed for a few hours and they didn’t nag me to purchase more items.

Noise Level

rumi cafe amman weibdeh
Rumi can get noisy, so a pair of earphones is a good idea

Rumi is definitely not a quiet only zone. Many people come in to just grab a coffee and chat, so if you need complete silence this isn’t the place for you.

Internet Connection

If you rely heavily on the internet, Rumi’s connection is sure to be a bit frustrating. You receive a passcode to connect your device and it is only good for 100 MB. I was there for a couple of hours and I had to ask for 2 different codes, even though I was only using WordPress and not doing any heavy downloading.

Tip: If you have one, bring your own hotspot to connect to.

Seating & Power Outlets

Rumi has both indoor and outdoor seating with plenty of power outlets (both for EU + UK plugs). Inside you can choose to sit at a small individual table, bar seating or at a communal table.


Smoking is allowed outside, but not inside.

Dog Friendly

rumi cafe dog weibdeh

And nothing to do with work or study, but I had to add in this part as this may be the first place I have seen in Amman where dogs (on their leash) are allowed to join their owners at the outside seating area. Bravo Rumi!

Location & Hours

rumi cafe sign amman

Weibdeh – 14 Kulliyat Al Sharee’Ah Street
7:00AM – 11:30PM

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