Want to Volunteer in Jordan? Check out these local non-profits…

One of the most rewarding and empowering feelings is to actively support a cause we feel passionate about. There are many ways to do this, you can always donate money for example, but if you don’t have the finances to do so, you can instead donate your time. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity in Jordan (mostly based out of Amman), below you can find a list, organized by category, of non-profit organizations looking for a little extra manpower to run their cause.

See a charity that is missing? Add it in the comments below & I’ll add it to the list.


Squash Dreamers

squash dreamers amman

Squash Dreamers is dedicated to training Syrian refugee girls in Jordan to become competitive squash players. We also provide English language education.

facebook button SquashDreamers

Reclaim Childhood

reclaim childhood amman

RC is a non-profit based in Amman, Jordan which offers sports programs to Arab girls and women from at-risk refugee communities.

facebook button RChildhood

Right to Play

right to play jordan

Right To Play Jordan was established in 2006, targeting children and youth in the most vulnerable areas of Jordan. Its aim was to enhance the equality of education within the Jordanian formal education frameworks. In addition to using sports for comprehensive child and youth development including psychosocial support, life skills, and community cohesion.

facebook button righttoplay.jordan

7Hills Skatepark

7hills skatepark volunteer amman

7Hills Skatepark is a community built skatepark in Jabal al Weibdeh where volunteers organize classes for refugees and Jordanians to give them a safe environment for sport & development.

facebook button 7HillsPark


Collateral Repair Project

crp jordan

Collateral Repair Project (CRP) is a grassroots refugee aid organization located in East Amman, a neighborhood home to a growing number of urban refugees from Syria and Iraq. Our bifold programming focuses on providing emergency assistance and community building workshops. Monthly food vouchers, medical support, fuel, and clothing are among the many services covered by our emergency assistance program. Likewise, our community center in Hashemi Shamali is home to several support groups for teens and adults, as well as English classes, a women’s craft co-op, yoga classes, and more.

Volunteer application: collateralrepairproject.org/intern-or-volunteer-with-us/

facebook button CRProject

Greening the Camps

greening the camps amman

Greening The Camps is a non-profit organization that designs, develops, builds and maintains rooftop gardens in Palestinian refugee camps. The project is driven by our passion for environment and earth care, our understanding of urban design and its toolsets. Sharing and gathering knowledge, as well as creating a truly sustainable livelihood are closely linked with our devotion to enrich impoverished urban and camp areas. The multi-layered process is, on every level, guided by the ideas and desires of the local community with whom we work. Through reconnecting displaced communities with food production from urban agricultural practices, we try to create opportunities for local empowerment and economic development. 

Volunteer applicationgreeningthecamps.com/volunteering/

facebook button GreeningTheCamps


Paper Airplanes

paper airplanes ngo amman jordan

Paper Airplanes is a nonprofit using Skype to provide free, one-on-one language and skills instruction to people affected by conflict so they can pursue education, secure employment, and ultimately, rebuild their lives.

Volunteer applicationpaper-airplanes.org/get-involved

facebook button PaperAirplanes

I Learn

i learn jordan

I Learn is a non-profit initiative that employs a community-based approach to empower youth and children in disenfranchised communities. Through informal education, youth volunteerism, and global partnerships we seek to establish safe spaces that encourage innovation, intellectual growth, and critical thinking.

facebook button ILearnJo

Petra Mountains Training Academy

petra mountains academy

Petra Mountains provides training programs in all different aspects, fields, and levels. Mainly in the field of languages, teachers training, students’ support, children care and speech correction, learning difficulties, ICT skills, engineering, accounting and financing, design.

Volunteer opportunitieswww.petramounts.com

facebook button PetraMountainsAcademy


loyac jordan

LOYAC is a nonprofit organization working towards the overall development of the youth. We design and develop many programs to facilitate the professional development and personal growth of the youth, ages 6 to 30.

facebook button LOYACJo


RBK jordan hacking

Rebooting the lives of refugees and Jordanians through immersive computer programming training.

facebook button RBK.org


Al Rahmeh Association for Animals in Jordan

al rahmeh animal rescue jordan

Al Rahmeh is dedicated to improving the lives of animals through rescue projects, adoption, fostering and education.

facebook button Rahmehforanimals

The Humane Center for Animal Welfare

hcaw jordan

The Humane Center for Animal Welfare HCAW was established on September 20, 2000 as a Non for Profit Organization (NPO) to promote the welfare of animals in Jordan.

facebook button HCAWjordan

Malath Canaan Rescue Jordan

malath canaan jordan

Canaan Rescue Jordan-Malath is a non-profit organization registered in Jordan-NGO# 398. We are a foster-based network of volunteers in Jordan and the United States. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home the local dogs.

facebook button CanaanRescueJordan

Appeal to Support Jordan’s Pets and Animals*

appeal to support jordans pets and animals

A group on Facebook where you can find ways to help animals in need in Amman.

*Not a registered non-profit, but a good hub to find out more about helping animals in Jordan.

facebook button jordanappeal


Operation Smile

operation smile jordan

Operation Smile’s mission is to mobilize a world of generous hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform lives across the globe. They accomplish this by organizing medical missions to provide free of charge surgeries to children from Jordan and neighboring countries.

facebook button Operation Smile Jordan



one love jordan

ONE LOVE program is focused on helping key groups of orphans and children in need.
ONE LOVE team is first of all friends of the orphans, we bring them hope and comfort, give them a home with love and a future with promises. The orphans need love first and with love, it makes all the difference!

facebook button 1.love.jordan


Dana Cooperative


The Dana Cooperative is a local community cooperative in Dana village, Tafileh. There are about 100 Bedouin families in the Cooperative. It was established after the Dana Nature Reserve was created in part of its customary land. The Cooperative works to protect the local culture and heritage and empower the local community, especially women and youth. There are volunteering opportunities for Jordanians and international volunteers too.

For more information contact: Dana.cooperative@gmail.com or visit danacooperative.blog


steps volunteer amman

STEPS is a local not-for-profit charitable organization which offers practical aid in many sectors of Jordanian society. STEPS makes a difference by initiating, supporting and implementing projects that benefit children, youth, families, and society at large. STEPS is dedicated to community service by providing Support, Training, Education, Purpose, and Service, to help achieve a dignified quality of life for everyone. In teamwork with like-minded dedicated professionals, donors, and service-oriented organizations, STEPS is bringing hope and change to many.

facebook button stepsorg


uri mena amman jordan

URI MENA is dedicated to promote enduring and daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence, and to create cultures of peace.

facebook button mena.uri

Junior Chamber International (JCI)

JCI amman

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a worldwide community of young active citizens who are changing the world, one community at a time.

facebook button JCI.Amman


partners jordan

Partners-Jordan is a Jordanian not for profit organization, committed to advance civil society, promoting mediation, conflict management and culture of change, and encouraging citizen participation in Jordan’s social and political development.

facebook button PartnersJordan

18 thoughts on “Want to Volunteer in Jordan? Check out these local non-profits…

  1. Hello Chelsea, very nice site. Can I suggest that you add Ruwwad El Tanmiya community service establishment at Jabal Natheef. It has several projects and is making a big difference in people’s lives


      1. Hi, Am looking for my son who is 17 yrs old and he would like to volunteer for sport development, in Jorden, Amman, specifically for Tennis. With whom can we get in touch with for information.


  2. Hello, i’m currently doing my internship in the 7hillsSkatepark @Amman (Jabal al Webdeh). We organize classes for refugees and Jordanians to give them a safe environment for sport & development.


    1. Hi Korneel. That sounds like an awesome initiative. I will write 7hills to get more info about how others can join!


  3. Hey I’m Noureddine I will come to Jordan next February, I’m a member of Masterpeace that works on peace building and youth development. I’m motivated to take part in your activities as a volunteer and by the way I already taught English to refugees together with other sportive activities in Turkey. plz let me know if you need a volunteer in any domain.


    1. Hi Nour. This is just a blog and I am not associated with any of the mentioned charities. You can contact them directly about volunteer opps!


  4. Hi,

    I live and work in the UK but would like to volunteer for a project working with the local people of Jordan. My experience is working with vulnerable children and adults as well as women empowerment.

    I am looking to visit Jordan and volunteer for 1 week to gain some cultural awareness. Would this be something that you could help support with?


  5. Hi, the Dana Cooperative is a local community cooperative in Dana village, Tafileh. There are about 100 Bedouin families in the Cooperative. It was established after the Dana Nature Reserve was created in part of its customary land. The Cooperative works to protect the local culture and heritage and empower the local community, especially women and youth. There are volunteering opportunities for Jordanians and international volunteers too. For more information contact me (Lorraine) by email: Dana.cooperative@gmail.com or visit Danacooperative.blog


  6. Hi Casper Bradley here half british guy living in Finland and i am interested to volunteer work in Jordan. I am also interested to work in the United Nations and i am would also like to work as a UN peacekeeper.


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