Bohemian Brunch Place in Amman – Boho Haus

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, and brunch is a close second, pretty much because it means I don’t have to wait until the lunch hour to eat again 😉 The other day I went with my sisters-in-law for a brunch get together at a place I have never tried before, Boho Haus.

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Boho Haus started up in September 2016, and the name describes it justly, as the atmosphere is very bohemian. They have paid great attention to the interior (and exterior) design details to give it a very artistic and shabby chic look and feel. You will even find an artist with her easel working on the upper floor of the restaurant.

Brunch in the Open Air

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The outdoor seating area at Boho Haus is probably my favorite part. The restaurant is in a more residential area, so it is calm and relaxing, something that isn’t always easy to find in Amman. You’ll find areas with the traditional set-up of table and chairs, cozier nooks with comfy chairs and sofas if you’re just there for argeleh or a drink, and even a teepee!

The Menu

The Boho Haus menu is full of items for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or just a drink and a bit of hubbly bubbly. It is obvious that they have taken care to be creative with the menu, even when it comes to more traditional dishes, and they seem to also care to include plenty of healthy options. The presentation of the food is also delectable and portion-size promotes a more family-style concept.

Vegan Options

As always, the second I get the menu I judge the restaurant based on how vegan-friendly they are. I didn’t see a HUGE array of vegan dishes, and they don’t specifically mark anything if it is vegan, but there were a few options for me. I chose the Moroccan Salad with a side of manaqeesh w zaatar. Both were delicious.

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Other vegan bites I saw on the menu, besides what I ordered, were the Avocado Cucumber Pomelos Salad and the Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad. They also have soups and drinks (like smoothies and fresh juices) which I am investigating to find out if completely vegan.


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I also always judge a restaurant based on it’s vegan dessert options, but when I find out they don’t have any choices, I become a hypocrite and still go for dessert. Boho Haus doesn’t have any vegan-friendly desserts, but they have some major sweet tooth friendly ones. Carrot cake, creme brulee, molten lava cake, strawberry tart and my favorite, salted caramel pecan date square.

Tip: don’t eat the “white chocolate stick” on the top of the salted caramel square, it’s not white chocolate… it’s salt. Yes, I found that out the hard way.


Orwah Ben Uthainah Street (off Mecca Street)


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