Personal Training in Amman – JazKad Fitness

I admit it, I’m a fitness junkie. However, since moving to Amman in February I haven’t yet joined a gym. That’s 7+ months of trying to stay fit with just walking (yes, I walk in Amman!) and watching workout videos on YouTube at home. The latter I’m sure is driving my downstairs neighbor completely nuts from all the jumping up and down at 7 am. With a wedding less than a year away, I think it’s time to finally get over this plateau in my physical health and find a personal trainer here in Amman. The other day I came across JazKad Fitness on Instagram and contacted them for a trial PT session. Here is my experience.

About JazKad

JazKad stands for Jasmine Kadoura, the owner of the small, studio gym located in Amman’s Khalda neighborhood.

jazkad fitness amman
Owner, Jasmine Kadoura

Jasmine is a certified personal trainer with a vision for spreading the love of sports and a mission of helping everyone to reach a fit body! Her deep passion for sports pushed her to adopt personal training as a career. She has an energetic personality, and trains people to not just get a fitter body, but to help them adopt sports as a healthy lifestyle.

My Workout

First and foremost, Jaz made sure I had no injuries before we started the workout. We then went to a warm-up of different exercises to work every muscle group and then to a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style workout using those same exercises we honed to have good form before. Three rounds of the exercises and I was definitely feeling the burn. I highly recommend JazKad if you’re looking to get in shape the right way! Nothing better than a good and sweaty workout to some good tunes 🙂

JazKad Services

  • Group exercise
  • Kickboxing
  • Personal Training


Whether you want to workout one-on-one, or grab some friends for group sessions, there are different packages available at JazKad.

  • 1 person – 12 sessions – 3x/week – 170 JD
  • 2 people – 12 sessions – 3x/week – 140 JD each
  • 3 people – 12 sessions – 3x/week – 80 JD each

Location & Contact Info

Khalda neighborhood

07 9564 4093


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