Brunch in Amman – Yanboot Organic Farms

After investigating about the presence of Monsanto in Jordan and the large quantities of chemical pesticides and fertilizers being used, I have been trying my hardest to go organic. A few times a week I get a Whatsapp broadcast from Yanboot Organic Farms with their products available for delivery. I must admit, I haven’t tried their delivery out yet, but I have been curious to try their weekly organic brunch.

Every Friday in Weibdeh and every Saturday in Dabouq, starting at 10 am until 2 pm, they hold a buffet brunch with delicious dishes made from their 100% organic and locally grown products.

Here’s an example of their buffet menu (only 9 JD with everything included!):

menu yanboot amman brunch

Yanboot Brunch in Dabouq

Today, we had a little brunch gathering with the Vegans of Amman group to try out Yanboot Dabouq.

yanboot dabouq entrance

It’s located on a small street off Al Sha’b Street in Dabouq, in the same neighborhood as the King Hussein Mosque (see map below). Just follow the green arrows on the wall and you will come to the entrance to their gardens.

yanboot dabouq gardens
the entrance to Yanboot Dabouq

Once inside, you will find a cute little garden area with tables and benches set-up.

yanboot dabouq terrace

Attached to the garden area is the supermarket and buffet area. You just grab a plate and help yourself to as much as you want. I went for a little bit of everything and then went back for seconds for dessert (pumpkin pie, date pie and coconut, pistachio balls). The best part of it all? Most everything is vegan! There were a few labneh and egg options for the non-vegan crowd too though.

My review

It was obvious that they put a lot of thought into each healthy dish, and there was a large variety, however, my one complaint is that everything was very acidic. Perhaps they added too much lemon? Tone the acidity down and it would be much better!

Despite the overkill on the citrus flavoring, we left happy and full. I definitely recommend checking out an upcoming brunch either at Yanboot Dabouq on Saturday or in Weibdeh on Fridays at the Italian Cultural Center (next to Fann w Chai).

Yanboot Organic Supermarket

Not only can you stop by Yanboot for brunch, but you can also buy their fresh, organic produce at their little market. They also sell many other products like Futna all-natural skin care, greenJO all-natural home cleaning products, nutritional yeast, oats, spices, oils, vegan cheese, tofu, etc. etc.

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The Yanboot Dabouq Supermarket and weekly brunch is located here:


The Yanboot Weibdeh brunch is located here:

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