Where to Eat and Order Specialty Cakes in Amman

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “I didn’t come here to party… I only came for the cake.” Or maybe it was FloRida who said it, and maybe he wasn’t actually talking about cake (I never did fully understand all of that rap lingo). Anyways, let’s get to the point of this citation… I LOVE CAKE…and I always have.

chelsea cake
the obsession started early on

Because of this, it’s only natural that I have scoped out all the places where I can find the cakes that I like, you know the ones with lots of thick frosting (please don’t tell me you’re one of those that scrapes off the frosting). Frosting lover or not, if you’re a cake person too, and you happen to be in Amman, you don’t want to miss the following places…

Butter Believe It

butter believe it cake amman

Location: 13 Yousef Dirani Street

Contact: 07 9958 0829

Specialties: Cakes, donuts, brownies, cupcakes, pies and cookies. Best known for their donuts.

Must try: The Nutella cake!

Dietary restriction options available: No. (no vegan, no gluten-free)

Delivery: Only for donuts, brownies and cookies.


Leen’s Treats

leens treats amman

Location: Pick-up in Rabieh or Delivery

Contact: 07 9946 8781

Must try: The Chocolate Cake

Dietary restriction options available: Yes, vegan, lactose, gluten-free and dairy-free options available.

Delivery: Yes


Bia Bakes

bia bakes raw cake amman

Location: Pick-up in Rabieh or Delivery

Contact: 07 9651 3702

Must try: The Date Tahini Cake

Dietary restriction options available: Yes. Many vegan desserts (salted date caramel squares, chocolate tahini cookies, apple almond cake, chocolate tart with almond coconut crust, etc.) and also gluten-free options. All items are refined sugar free!

Delivery: Yes (3 JD surcharge)


Hala’s Treats

halas treats amman

Location: Abdoun – 34 Hasan Barqawi Street

Contact: 07 9557 5465

Must try: Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake

Delivery: Yes (3-5 JD surcharge)

Dietary restriction options available: Yes. Vegan and gluten-free options must be ordered 24 hours in advance.


Rawan Cake

Locations & Contact info:

  • Um Al-Sumaq: 06 552 6076 / 07 7880 1111
  • Al-Sweifieh: 06 585 5583 / 07 7880 2222
  • University of Jordan St.: 07 7880 3333
  • Rainbow St.: 07 7880 4444


The Cakery

Locations & Contact info:

  • Abdoun: 34 Hassan Al Barqawi Street / 06 592 2566
  • Dabouq: Ahl Al-Beit Street (next to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) / 06 541 1157
  • Special orders: 07 7716 1717

Must tries: Xtreme chocolate cake and the Mixed Berry Daqouise (see full menu here)

Dietary restriction options available: No. (no vegan, no gluten-free)

Delivery: Yes.


The Cake Shop

the cake shop amman

Locations & Contact info:

  • Abdoun: 06 592 5295
  • Dabouq: 06 541 3215
  • Al Rabieh: 06 556 3738
  • Khalda: 07 9758 1971

Dietary restriction options available: Vegan option (pre-order only)


Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

Location: Kurdi Center, Abdoun (near Abdoun Mall)

Contacts: 06 593 3032 or WhatsApp: 077 593 3032

Specialties: Pies, cakes, baked cheesecake, bars, cookies and cupcakes

Must tries: Carrot cake and the Chocolate Fudge Cake.

Dietary restriction options available: Flourless chocolate cake

Delivery: Yes


Cake & More

cake&more amman

Location: Marj Al-Hamam – Saeed Mohd Al-Abbadi Street, Al-Jundi Circle (opposite Safeway)

Contact: 07 9753 9707


Moka Patisserie & Cafe

moka patisserie amman

Location: Abdoun – Rafat Center

Contact: (06) 592 6285

Must tries: Death by Chocolate

Delivery: Yes


Mia Cara

mia cara weibdeh amman

Location: Jabal Al Weibdeh – Hussein Al – Tarawneh Street

Contact: (06) 463 8288


Friends Cake


Location: Mecca Street, Juber Complex

Contact: 06 586 5457


Leenz Cake

Location: Delivery or pick-up in Shmeisani

Contact: 07 9544 2591

Must try: The Red Velvet Cake

Dietary restriction options available: No. (no vegan, no gluten-free)


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