Veterinarian Clinics in Amman

For all the animal lovers out there in Amman, here is a running list of great vets in the Jordanian capital. And most importantly, all of the clinics listed below do NOT support any commercial pet sales of any sort because…

#adoptdontshop !!!

Important note: At the end of this article there is also a list of clinics and vets that are NOT recommended.

First Pet Veterinary Clinic

first pet vet clinic amman

Location: Swefieh – Abed Al Raheem Al Hajj Mohammad Street, 11 (by Galleria Mall)

Services: Small animals veterinary clinic and grooming services.

Discount for rescues?: Yes, 25%

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

Real life testimony: From me! – “I brought a dog I rescued into First Pet and they were great. I love that they support rescuing animals and give a good discount for rescued animals that are brought in to their clinic. Prices also seemed very economical and fair.”

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Pets ‘n’ Vets Veterinary Health Center

pets n vets amman

Location: Swefieh – Wakalat Street (by Baraka Mall)

Services: Full-service clinic for dogs and cats and boarding facility. Specializing in cat care.

Discount for rescues?: Yes. They also help to find them homes.

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

Real life testimony: Amber Escudero-Kontostathis – “Pets ‘N’ Vets is GREAT and is where we take our pup! Rakan saved our puppy from parvovirus and never gave up on her!!!”

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Healthy Pet Veterinary Center

healthy pet vet amman

Location: Wadi Al Seer, Bayader

Services: Preventive medicine, such as deworming, vaccination, parasite control, etc., professional therapy, surgery, and grooming.

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

Real life testimony: Tetyana Nesheiwat – “Dr. Lyudmila has been treating my pets. She is very honest, straight forward. She has very good prices and highly professional. I have tried most of the Clinics you have mentioned, and highly recommend Healthy Pet.”

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Pets House Veterinary Clinic

pets house vet clinic amman

Location: 7th Circle – Shuhada al Haram Al Ibrahimi Street (behind Geneva Hotel)

Services:  Animals care (medical, surgical, vaccination, dental care, etc… ), ultrasonography, laboratory work, grooming, home visits.

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

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Best Friend Veterinary Clinic

best friend vet clinic amman

Location: 7th Circle – Ibn Al-fata Street (near Orange)

Services: Small animals, birds (specialty) & exotic animals Veterinary Clinic offering: Medical Services, Treatment, Prevention medicine (Vaccination, Deworming , Fleas & Ticks Protection and Treatment), Microchipping, Grooming , Hospitalization, Boarding for Cats, X-ray, In-house Laboratory, Dental care, and Dietary Care.

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

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PetCharm Clinic

petcharm vet clinic amman

Location: Abdoun – Damascus Street, 82

Services: First aid, Dental Services, Emergency Services, Hospitalization & Intensive Care, Laboratories, Medicine, Microchipping, Nutritional Counseling, Ophthalmic Surgery, Orthopedics Surgery, Parasite Control, Pet Hotel / Boarding, Pet Spa / Grooming, Pet Traveling arrangements, Routine check-ups, Surgical Services, Spay / Neuter, Vaccination and X-ray.

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

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Active Pets Veterinary Clinic

active pets vet amman

Location: Um Uthaina – Al-Kaswa Street

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

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PetPlus Veterinary Clinic

Petplus vet clinic amman

Location: Al Rabiah – Kabul Street, Building 15

Services: Veterinary clinic for dogs, cats & birds

Sells pet food/accessories: Yes

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Vet Clinics NOT recommended

Below is a list of veterinary clinics in Amman that I do NOT recommend and the reason why.

VETZONE Pet Health Center

Location: 8th Circle – King Abdullah II Street, 336

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Why I don’t recommend them: I have received many complaints regarding this vet clinic. See a couple of them here:

Real life testimonies:

“They mistreated our pup and as a result she died. They didnt call to tell us that she died, we were going to see her that day at the vet and that’s how we found out. We didnt get to see her and when we asked how she died they said they did an xray and found a bone punctured something, with no explanation as to how that happened. We then asked to see the X-ray and they flat-out refused. When I say ‘they’ it was the owner who was completely insensitive and downright rude.”

“I brought my sick kitten to them freaking out, I thought she might have feline distemper (panleukopenia) and the woman behind the desk came around and injected her for it before running a test. Then ran a test that came back negative. Then told me my kitten was dehydrated and over-fed and that’s why she was sick, put her on a drip and my baby became very active very fast. I went to pay the bill, looked in the box, and she had bloody foam coming out of her mouth. She died on the table in front of me within 15 minutes. They said she had an “untreatable” virus like a cold found in stray cats and that even in the best conditions 50% of kittens don’t survive (bullshit, I know, I used to run a cat shelter).”

Amman Vet Clinic

Location: Mecca Street (near Toyota company)

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Why I don’t recommend them: They support dog breeding and selling.

Doctor Faiza Ahmad

dr faiza ahmad

Contact: 07 9633 5651

Services: Dr. Faiza is a freelancer and does house calls.

Why I don’t recommend her: I have heard many scary cases of negligence on her part while treating animals. In one such case, an animal passed away from her treatment. We also are not able to verify she has credentials as she does not have a physical clinic.

11 thoughts on “Veterinarian Clinics in Amman

  1. Want to add a comment about Vetzone- they are horrible, please please don’t bring your pets there. The facilities are nice and the shop is good, though expensive, but the vet services are careless and business-driven. Brought a rescued kitten there as I was concerned with her eye health…a vet looked at her for literally a minute and declared she is blind but healthy. I didn’t trust this and brought her to Healthy Pet who treated her immediately for pneumonia, feline herpes, and infections in both eyes. A few weeks later one eye had to be removed, but the other is getting better and still being treated. How on earth a “trained professional” missed these things I will never understand. Also my neighbor brought their new puppy there and told me the same- they looked her over for a minute and said she is in fine health and offered a price for grooming. I looked at her the same night and found over 20 ticks on her body, most in her ears…so I guess the vet didn’t even examine her at all!
    Healthy Pet is great- have treated 4 rescue kittens there, and First Pet is great- have treated a rescued Canaan…though to note I never received any discount from First Pet for a rescued animal- but have from Healthy Pet.

    Thanks for sharing this information.


    1. Hi Laura. You are definitely not alone in your complaints against Vetzone. They are in the section “Not recommended” in the article due to the amount of people who have sent me similar horror stories. Very unfortunate to see this happening at an established center 😦


  2. Who is, from your records and feedback, the best vet with experience in diabetic dogs. Went to few vets with our diabetic dogs and felt that their treatment conclusions where all guess work and trial & error


    1. Hi Rashed. The clinic is called First Pet. Perhaps Pampered Pet is the name of the pet store directly next door?


  3. Does anyone know a cat lady in Amman who takes cats in her home and gives them a lot of love? I need to travel and dont want to put my cat in a cage in a vets office watching other (often frightened) animals come for grooming.


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