Where I’m Learning Arabic in Amman – Deewan Institute

In a few days I will be leaving Amman and headed to India, so I knew I absolutely had to get in an intensive Arabic language course beforehand. I researched all of the language institutes in Amman, but in the end I decided that Deewan Institute for Language and Cultural Studies was the best fit for me both because of flexibility in scheduling and the price.

deewan amman language school weibdeh

About Deewan

Deewan, located in the cultural district of Jabal al-Weibdeh, Amman, was founded by  Mohammad and Duaa.

Mohammad and Duaa

The Curriculum

The Deewan curriculum was carefully designed and closely overseen by advisors with extensive experience in Arabic instruction and it is also based on the best practices in foreign language pedagogy. They offer the following:

Arabic Classes

deewan amman mohammad

Students will learn both informal spoken Arabic (amyieh) and formal Modern Standard Arabic (MSA – fusha). Private classes can be tailored to exactly what the student wants. For example, my goal was to learn to read and write in Arabic and expand my vocabulary in amyieh with some grammar, so in my classes we focused on just this.

Not in Amman? Ma fi mushkeleh! You can also take classes via Skype.

Other Services

deewan amman cooking class

In addition to their Arabic classes for non-native speakers, Deewan offers:

  • Trips around Jordan
  • Cultural classes (from cooking to dance, etc.)
  • Other language courses (English, French, German)
  • Coworking space

My Review

My goal for my 7 days of class (I know it’s not much, but it was all the time I had!) was to learn how to read and write. And after a few days of alphabet flashcards, I can say I CAN read and write. OK, I still make a LOT of spelling mistakes and reading a sentence maxes out my brain power, but with practice this will be improved. So yes, I definitely recommend Deewan. Mohammad and Duaa really went out of their way to accommodate for me and they are excellent teachers. Once I am settled in India, I will try out their Skype classes to continue advancing.

Deewan’s Location & Contact Info

Address: Al Baouneyah Street (right down the street from Maestro Pub)


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