Where to Learn Arabic in Amman

One of the reasons I wanted to move to Jordan was to learn a new language. I moved here mid-February 2017 and it’s now mid-September and though my street Arabic is progressing shwai shwai, I know I really need to kick myself in the butt and get some more formal classes ASAP! My first strategy was to post in expat & locals Facebook groups asking for Arabic teachers. Needless to say I got a lot of messages, but none from qualified teachers…

Exhibit A:

learn arabic suggestion facebook 2

I also got a lot of language exchange requests, but I’m being selfish right now and I just want to learn Arabic without having to teach someone in return.

And then there were other messages that gave some, um, alternative suggestions for learning Arabic…

learn arabic suggestion facebook

I’m actually quite partial to the part about eating Arabic food to learn the language, but since I’ve eaten about 10 kilos of falafel & 50 kilos of hummus over the months and I’m still not fluent, I knew it was time for the old school option…going to school.

Now I haven’t officially started class yet, I’ve just done a bit of hunting and asking for recos for language academies in Amman. Here is a running list of the schools I was recommended:

Deewan Institute for Languages and Cultural Studies



Jabal el Weibdeh, Paris Circle

Contact Info:

Jordan Language Academy

jordan language academy amman


Swefieh, 13 Hammam Bin Munabbeh Street

Courses & Programs:

Full-time, part-time, intensive, tailor-made, tutoring… see all options here.

Contact Info:

Zeta International Center

zeta language center amman


Jabal Al Weibdeh

Contact Info:

Qasid Arabic Institute

qasid arabic institute amman


22 Queen Rania (University) Street

What makes Qasid different:

The Qasid Institute for Arabic has a comprehensive curriculum in either Modern Standard Arabic or Classical Arabic taught over five distinct levels. Alongside their core programs, they offer a selection of complementary courses in local Jordanian dialect, Tajweed and Arabic calligraphy. The program is not all academic but they also have many cultural and tourist activities like visiting Petra, Wadi Rum, Dana Reserve, Dead Sea, Wadi-Mujib and weekly in-house cultural activities such as cultural dances, cooking and a cultural week.


Consult all prices here.

Contact Info:


shababeek amman


8th Circle – Senad Complex #9, Above Jiwar Market, 2nd Floor

What makes Shababeek different:

Start times at Shababeek are flexible provided they have availability (except in semester-long classes). Morning sessions can be quite crowded, but typically they can work people in at any time of the year for whatever length they wish to join. They emphasize a coached based GPA approach to language learning, which means they focus on developing better communication skills and comprehension. It also means their certified language learning advisors are regularly observing sessions and giving feedback to participants.


  • Private Classes: 8-10 JD/hour
  • Pair: 5-6.5 JD/hour
  • Group: 4.5-6 JD/hour

Consult all prices here.

Contact Info:

Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture

sijal institute amman


Jabal Amman, Rainbow Street

What makes Sijal different:

The staff at Sijal is highly professional and accomplished with the majority of teachers having their doctorate or master’s, in addition to many years of experience. They offer high quality, communicative and culturally engaged instruction and give personal, individualized focus on each student whether in a group or private class. In addition to the language classes, Sijal offers a rich cultural calendar of public and private film screenings, lectures, workshops and events. Languages are not learned in a vacuum–Sijal tries to provide all students with the opportunity to engage intellectually and culturally with Jordanians and Palestinians doing interesting work here in Amman.

Contact Info:

LingoArt Center

lingoart center amman


Abu Bakker Assideeq Street

Contact Info:

Misbah Intercultural Center

misbah center amman


Jabal al Weibdeh

What makes Misbah Center different:

They are a very flexible center and allow students to set their classes schedule according to their needs up until 9 p.m.


  • Individual: 9 JD/hour
  • Pair: 7.5 JD/hour
  • Group: 6 JD/hour

Contact Info:

Berlitz Language Center

berlitz amman


Shmeisani, Prince Shaker Bin Zeid Street – Bldg#46

What makes Berlitz different:

Berlitz focuses on teaching students through speaking and not just studying.

Contact Info:

Institut Français de Jordanie

institute francais jordanie


Jabal al Weibdeh, Paris Circle

What makes IF different:

They organize a lot of cultural activities: yoga, break dancing and contemporary dance classes with Jordanian professional teachers, and more! Follow them on their Twitter or Instagram to be in the loop.


Group sessions

  • 195 JD – 45 hours

Private classes

  • 1 student : 29 JD/hour
  • 2 students : 35 JD/hour
  • 3 students : 42 JD/hour
  • 4 to 9 students : 45 JD/hour
  • 10 to 15 students : 50 JD/hour

See all rates here.

Contact Info:


What am I missing? Comment below and let me know!

3 thoughts on “Where to Learn Arabic in Amman

  1. The best and most well structured and professionally run Arabic institute is Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman. Internationally known to be the most effective academically and most immersed culturally. There activities & trips are amazing!


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