Recycling for Businesses in Amman – Be Environmental Services

As a private household in Amman, I personally sort all my recycling and bring it to the Be Environmental Services Recycling Center (Be) in the Cozmo 7th Circle parking lot. After I’d mastered the art of at home recycling here in Amman, it was time to give it a try at my workplace. For this, I contacted them directly through their Facebook Page, @ BEEnviron, to find out if they offer recycling options for businesses.

They were very receptive and put me in contact with their Operations Manager, Mr. Mohammad Abboud (, who sent me large recycling bins for cardboard, plastic, and aluminum (they also have recycling for other materials if needed). After the bins are full, all you have to do is contact them for removal.

This service does have a cost and you can contact Mr. Abboud for more information about pricing for your businesses needs.

Recycling 101

Once we got the large bins, the hardest part was just teaching the staff how to sort the recycling. Many times we had an entire bin full of plastic water bottles and cardboard boxes and they would then take it all out and go dump it into the normal bins with all the other trash. Even labeling the bins in Arabic & English was proving to be a lost cause…

recycling 6 yard amman
empty bins…waiting to be filled

More than a month passed before we actually found a way to get the bins full of separated recyclables to be collected by Be Environmental. And even when the staff learned to separate the recycling, we had to deal with the Amani (Amman municipality) trash collectors, which we caught on the security cameras coming on-site to take our recycling to dump into the normal landfill trash. It was frustrating, to say the least, but after telling Amani “please don’t take our precious trash”, Be came and collected our first full bins. Success!

Online Recycling Tracker

One of my favorite parts about Be is that they set you up an account where they monitor how much recycling was collected each time. It looks like this:

be environmental amman recycling tracker online
13 kg of plastic that didn’t go to the landfills! Woohoo!

If you’re interested in setting up a recycling program at your business, feel free to contact Be Environmental Services directly on their Facebook page, by phone (07 7660 6707) or on their website (

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