Escapes Close to Amman – The Mountain Breeze Resort

About 45 minutes outside of Amman you can find a great escape nestled in the Gilead Mountains, The Mountain Breeze Resort. I had been there before for a short tour when my fiancé and I were checking out possible venues for a wedding reception, so when I wanted to plan a surprise party for him, it was the first place that came to mind.

I thought the Mountain Breeze would be perfect because it’s cooler than Amman during the summer months, you can dine outdoors and possibly the best part, the panoramic views of the valley below. I also thought it would be a perfect place for a group event as some of the invitees were kids and the Mountain Breeze has a play area to keep them busy and out of their parents hair.

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Since we were a group of around 30 people, we booked a set menu which included salads (Tabbouleh, Seasonal green salad) dips (Hummos, Baba Ghanouj, Mutabbal, Muhammarah), olives with walnuts, Cheese borak, Kubeh, Ghalayet bandoura, Arayes and for the main dish a Mixed grill of Shoukaf, Kabab and Shish Tawouk. We opted out of the dessert option to have our own which we brought (birthday cake).

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The food was very delicious with enough options to keep the vegan of the table (moi) happy. They also helped with my zero waste mentality and packed up the leftovers for us, meaning my foster dogs got a nice treat that night 😉

The Resort

Now the Mountain Breeze isn’t just about the restaurant, it also has an option to stay on-site at one of their 10 total luxury, environmentally-friendly lodges. Each log cabin lodge is made of wood that comes from sustained nordic forests and the paint used is EU sourced eco friendly paint.

mountain breeze amman lodges

Other Activities On-Site

In addition to the restaurant and lodges, The Mountain Breeze also has many activities on-site like camping, football, volleyball, archery, a children’s playground, hiking, paintball, cycling and my personal favorite, tree planting/tree adopting. To date, nearly 6,000 wild trees have been planted at Mountain Breeze and they’re shooting for another 2,000. Bravo on the going green initiative!


1, Mountain Breeze Road, Balqa, Zay, Jalaad, Salt

Note to readers: This is a sponsored post.

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