Foster or Adopt a Dog in Jordan

I’ve always grown up with animals, but my lifestyle isn’t quite right at the moment to have a full-time pet right now. As a huge #adoptdontshop supporter, one of the first things I did when I came to Jordan was to investigate the local animal rights groups. I came across Malath-Canaan Rescue and immediately wanted to learn more about what they’re doing for Jordan’s strays. So I contacted them and interviewed their owner to find out more (read about them here).

Malath is doing great things with the few resources they have and I wanted to help out any way possible. Last week I found on their Facebook page a post about fostering a mama dog and her two puppies for two weeks while their foster mom traveled.

Here’s my experience fostering these three sweet dogs and how you can help out too.

myammanlife adopt puppies
The two sisters at 5 weeks old – Peanut (left) & Noodle

The first 24 hours as a foster mom

The date was set for the foster mom to bring Nala (mama dog), Noodle and Peanut (the puppies) over. So I had a few things to accomplish before their much anticipated arrival.

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Step 1 – Buy dog food

As a vegan, this was by far the hardest task of them all. I haven’t cooked, let alone touched, meat in years. Now I know I could go straight for buying kibble at the store, but if I myself don’t eat processed foods, then why would I have these dogs eating it? I decided to go for the all-natural pet food option. This included boiling a whole entire chicken, ripping the meat off the bones, and then cooking the rice in the chicken broth. Voila! Homemade dog food. Much healthier than the store bought kibble and much more economical!

Step 2 – Prepare their room & Puppy proof the terrace

I decided that the whole entire house wasn’t going to be puppy territory. They’re only 5 weeks old and yes, they pee and poo wherever they may please. So I set a mini dog hotel up for them in one of the empty rooms in the house. In their room they have access to the whole entire wrap-around terrace to roam freely when they’re not taking a nap on the cool tiles inside. As for the terrace, I had to puppy-proof it to make sure there was no way they could jump up onto the deck furniture and then up over the side of the terrace walls. Just a precaution to keep them safe.

Step 3 – Daily life

Really, step 3 is just making sure the dogs are fed every 3-4 hours, cleaned up after (this means cleaning their room floor numerous times a day from all the potty breaks going on), played with, and that Mama Nala has her daily walk. It’s as simple as that to keep them happy. Food, clean-up, love and exercise 🙂

Oh yeh, and some visitors along the way to help socialize them…

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How you can foster or adopt

If you’re looking to adopt an animal, first of all, make sure you are ready for a forever friend. Dogs and cats can reach 20 years of age, so be sure that you can give a lifetime commitment or food, love and care. If you’re someone who travels a lot like me, then consider fostering animals for a short period of time instead of adopting. To foster or adopt you can get in contact with Malath Canaan Rescue or check out the groups below in Jordan where many animals are looking for new homes.

Other Animal Rescue Societies in Jordan


Want to adopt Nala, Peanut or Noodle? Send me an email

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