Where to Eat Pizza in Amman

Pizza is one of those foods that you can find no matter where you go in the world, but it’s not always done right. During my travels, I’ve had some pretty horrible “pizza”, with Armenia and Georgia’s mayonnaise covered pizzas taking the cake for the worst rendition of pizza in the world. Luckily, in Amman, you can find some pretty good pizza. Here are some of the top pizzerias in the Kingdom, their must-try specialties and if they have a vegan option (meaning the dough does not contain dairy or eggs – as of yet, no pizzerias have vegan cheese on the menu).

4th Circle


Luigi's Pizza amman

Location: 4th circle, Behind Metlife Alico Building, Salloum Street

Delivery: Yes – 07 8944 4648

Must try: Pesto Buffalo Mozzarella

Vegan option: No, the dough contains powdered milk. However, they do have a gluten-free option.

Tip: Read more about my visit to Luigi’s here





Location: Black Iris Street (Boulevard)

Delivery: No



Il Pizzaiolo


Location: Mazen Seedo Al Kurdi Street – Near Jordan Bank

Delivery: Yes – (06) 593 8700

Must tries: Rania and Buffalo Mozzarella

Vegan option: Yes – dough is 100% vegan


Little Italy Pizzeria

little italy pizzeria

Location: Hisham Al Hijjawi Street

Delivery: Yes – (06) 593 3322

Tip: This is my favorite pizza place in Amman. The marinara pizza is exquisite. Pair it with a Mexican beer and you’re good to go!

Must tries: Margheritta, Salami e Rucola, Diavola, Grecca and Bianca Con Funghi.

Vegan option: Their sourdough pizza dough is 100% vegan. Order the marinara pizza for a tasty vegan option, or make your own by saying no cheese and adding the toppings of your choice.


Mafia Restaurant

mafia pizza amman

Location: Shawkat As-Sati Street

Delivery: Yes – (06) 592 1116

Must tries: Mafia Zinger, Bresaola Altamura.

Vegan option: Not at the moment. They did say they’re working on making a vegan dough for the future.


NY Slice

NY style pizza amman

Location: Suwaylem Al-Huwaytat Street

Delivery: Yes – (06) 592 2271

Special Discount: Mention this review and get 50% off an Original NY Pie with any purchase

Must tries: The Make Your Own – every slice can be different. Also, try the Buffalo Chicken. Carnivores try the Meat District. Vegetarians try the Central Park Pie.

Vegan option: No.


Pizza Lover


Location: 22 Al Umaweyeen Street

Delivery: Yes – (06) 500 5700

Must tries: Home of the Chicken Alfredo Pizza. Also, try the Fiesta Pizza (Mexican inspired).

Vegan option: No – Dough contains milk.



La Gemelle

la gemelle amman pizza

Location: Ahl al Bayt Street (next to Cake Shop)

Delivery: Yes – (06) 541 1688




bellariva amman

Location: ‎Baccalaureate Street

Delivery: Yes – 0777333399

Must tries: Bellariva Pizza and Pinota Pizza

Vegan option: Dough is 100% vegan.



Cozy Pizza

cozy pizza amman

Location 1: Wasfi Al Tal Street (Gardens)

Location 2: Abdoun Circle

Delivery: Yes – (06) 580 0222

Must tries: Their specialty “Indian” pizza. Also, all sauces are homemade in house.

Vegan option: Dough is 100% vegan.


Al Reef Pizzeria

al reef pizzeria

Location: Al Madena Al Monawarrah Street

Delivery: Yes – 06 568 7087

Must tries: The Reef pizza. Also, worth noting, the olive oil is 100% organic and comes from the owners’ olive farm.

Vegan option: No – the dough contains milk. However, the milk is 100% organic and is derived from the owners’ cow farm.


Jabal Amman

Mar Yousef’s

mar yousef pizza amman

Location: Amr Ben Mesadah Street

Delivery: No, this pizza joint is for Pizza al taglio (by the slice)

Must try: Verdure

Vegan option: Yes – the dough is 100% vegan.


Pizza Roma Cafe

pizza roma cafe amman

Location: Ash Shabsough Street (adjacent to the Amman Pasha Hotel)

Delivery: No



Tre Pazzi Pizzeria


Location: Shawkat As-Sati St

Delivery: Yes – 06 592 1116

Must tries: Mafia Zinger and Bresaola Altamura.

Vegan option: No – dough contains eggs and dairy



Pizza Oregano

pizza oregano amman

Location: Khalil As Sukkar Street

Delivery: Yes – (06) 556 3939


Um Al Somaq

Pizza El Rais

pizza el rais amman

Location: Mamdouh Al Sarayrah Street

Delivery: Yes – 07 9820 9994

Must tries: El Rais, Cips, Bufala, Diavola, Verdura, Fried Napoletana

Vegan option: Yes – dough is 100% vegan


Pizza Antichi

pizza antichi

Location: Ahmad Mjalli Al N’aimat Street (near Mecca Mall)

Delivery: Yes – 07 9707 8181


Um Uthaina


casereccio amman

Location: Mecca Street

Delivery: No

Must tries: Biancho, Mediterranean, Ortolana, Casareccio Special, Salami Piccante

Vegan option: No – dough contains milk


Ned’s Pizza

neds pizza amman

Location: 268 Arar Street

Delivery: Yes – 07 9552 4555

Vegan option: Yes – dough is 100% vegan


University of Jordan

Yellow Blaze Pizza

yellow blaze pizza amman

Location: 69 Yajouz Street

Delivery: Yes – 07 9060 6290

Must try: The classic Magherita. It’s the easiest to make, but the hardest to get to taste right.

Vegan option: Yes. Dough is 100% vegan. Also, try the whole wheat brown dough.




oliva amman

Location: Al Khadir Al Shanqiti Street

Delivery: No


Am I missing any good pizza places in Amman? Comment below and let me know!

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